Women Embodiment of NFT Space

The true values of NFTs lie within the community. The aspect of unity runs thick and it is a highly rewardable space for various reasons. In fact, its community highlights artists, gamers, and other individuals who have worked tirelessly to achieve their moments. In particular: women in NFTs.

For them NFTers, the time is now.

Come One Come All – Get Involved

What makes the NFT space so unique is its inclusiveness. Due to the fact that there are zero entry barriers, global accessibility can exist. NFT is considered a ‘breakaway crypto’ in the sense that it affects all software within the blockchain.

And, as a true digital alternative asset, NFTs create ownership of items like artworks, highlights, trading cards, or animations/videos. And, in this manner, a breakthrough for women in NFTs.

nft community
Woman Holds Bitcoin Which is Becoming More Common

Building the Base Elements

NFTs are indestructible, indivisible, non-interoperable, and verifiable. They add a layer to the developing blockchain that provides a new set of stateful primitives. These are used to build applications or market items.

Thus, the basic primitives that NFTs build upon are ownership, transfer, and simple access control.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SaraLudyGal1.jpeg
(Credit: Sara Ludy)

Pros and Cons – NFT Emissions

Hence, everything about NFTs sounds terrific! But, not everyone is on board. Some people refuse to be apart of this newfound community due to the negative impact it may have on our universe.

There is a massive carbon footprint associated with crypto mining. Plus, untold gigajoules of power being burnt. Nonetheless, it is refreshing to see power continuously make its way into the hands of creators.

nft community
Sweeping landscape (Credit: Sara Ludy)

3D Motion Based Art is Happiest in its Native Digital Space 

However, the trend that we want to see continue to thrive is the inclusion of women in NFTs and the cryptocurrency arena.

Recently, the Azure Space Mystery game series celebrated the International Day of Women in Science. They allowed their users to complete a Minecraft mission in order to garner an NFT! Nifty!

Women in NFTs Creating a Digital Journey

nft women
Blockade Games Boss Reigns from the Neon District (Credit: Blockade Games)

Blockade Games co-founder Marguerite deCourcelle is a major player in the crypto space. As a woman in NFTs, she has taken an interesting approach by providing paintings with clues to hidden bitcoin prizes.

So, her interactivity in the space cannot be underestimated. In fact, she contributes ideas, artworks, and even written folklore.

Modern Voices Inform the Masses and more Women in NFTs

Lady Pheonix is the founder and host of the virtual channel, CryptoBasel. She organizes engaging Clubhouse salons to generate accessible and informative online sessions.

This way, she has become a leading contemporary voice within the crypto space with activities like dance activism and Crypto fashion week. Thus, many young cryptonians put their attention in her direction to receive guidance, inspiration, and knowledge regarding blockchain happenings.

nft women
Involvement is key (Credit: @yesladyPheOnix)

Active Animations Accentuate Awareness

Rachel Siegel is one of the original crypto influencers in the space. She has been vocal about impersonation bans and works diligently to create equal access for to the blockchain across the globe.

Since fraud trends have outweighed moderation trends on social platforms she uses her channel, Crypto Finally to educate and level the playing field for everyone involved. Her high-quality animations began to get people fascinated about crypto.

And, now that she has a fair share of attention she uses her channel to educate and spread awareness about crypto issues that arise per day. 

nft women
Knowledge and Advocacy is Power (Credit: RachelSiegelNYC)

Artists Have Agency Through Redistribution

On another hand, Sara Ludy has proven the ability to broker “smart contracts” in the age of women in NFTs.

The way to broker a “smart contract” is through pre-determined ownership conditions programmed into the metadata. In this game we call life, it all comes down to ownership.

Since NFTs are dynamic monetizable forms, there must be an opportunity to retain equity. Sara focuses on digital materiality in situations that involve fractional and proportional ownership. These types of ownership opportunities shift value propositions as a whole.

So, rather than payment via flat dollar amount, creatives can receive higher payment if their work outperforms the market/accounts for shifts over time due to contractual terms.

nft women
(Credit: Sara Ludy)

So, what NFTs really come down to is the ability to create interdependence. The attention economics has flipped and even bitform gallery workers are getting in on the act.

Thus, arts administrative labor has become recognized as a stake in NFT spaces so that those handling the artwork can invest as well. With strong lifetime value, NFTs are boomin’ because they provide value at the speed of light.

As long NFTs revolve around art, story, and legacy they will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

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