Pop Smoke International Influence on Drill Music Around the World

Just last year, Pop Smoke, superstar rap artist, and international drill music influencer, was murdered during a home invasion. Pop Smoke was taken far too soon, but still, his influence spreading drill music was seen by the art sprouting up in Ireland, Italy, Australia, and even other foreign shores.

The American rapper was killed by 4 masked men after being seen with his pal in the car holding ‘a fortune in bills.’

Pop Smoke poses near an allegedly stolen Rolls Royce – he allegedly loaded it in on a flatbed from LA to NY after it was loaned to him for a video shoot

Still, Pop Smoke’s influence was immensely felt during his short duration on Earth.

His Jamaican and Trinidadian roots, and then the fact that his name was adopted from Middle Eastern customs, made Pop Smoke one of the most recognized international drill music artists.

Pop Smoke had such an infectious aura

International drill music was directly influenced by Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke burst into the international drill music scene years ago then by rapping over predominantly 808Melo beats.

This way, he was able to balance the aggression and also the compassion adherent to the genre. And this allowed him to prove his versatility and gain the respect of the audience and industry.

Also, he saw what NY’ers Young M.A., Sheff G, and 22 G’z were doing with drill music and parlayed off of that in a magnetic manner.

Thus, it is pivotal to focus on the lasting legacy and impact that this international drill music artist left on us.

international drill music pop smoke influence
Pop Smoke Honored with Elaborate Mural in Canarsie, Brooklyn New York (Credit: Hattas Public Murals)

Here are some of the international drill music artists who have taken notice of the “Pop Smoke Blueprint” and then tried to replicate his drill style. 

Ink (86 Gang Dublin, Ireland)

Ink is recognized as the “Godfather of Irish Drill.” Instead of trying to adopt a London accent (like most Irish living in London do), he embraces his heritage.

“If someone wants to cause harm – it is in their blood to do so – not due to art or movies.”

(INK, Drill Rapper from Dublin, Ireland)

Thus, Ink has used his platform to expand his popularity as an Irish drill music artist.

Rondodasosa (Milan, Italy)

This man is the one garnering all the hype. Rondodasosa is the most recent international drill music artist out making waves.

His woo-walking has taken the internet by storm and it is clear that he has been inspired by Pop Smoke in a myriad of ways.

In his most recent video, RondoDaSosa is seen holding bricks of cash having a neighborhood block party and stepping much like ‘The Woo’ would do.


Dubzeno (86 Gang Dublin, Ireland)

Another international drill music artist everyone should be aware of is Dubzeno.

He comes across as your everyday Irish chap. But, he is recognized for spitting radically-aggressive lyrics and who they might affect.

In fact, his group often uses disclaimers to avoid their videos being removed fromYouTube.

J.B2 (Athlone, Ireland)

This Irish drill artist has done a lot to differentiate himself from other overseas drill artists by adopting an off-kilter flow. He mixes in a fresh accent with a jumpy and choppy type delivery that is unorthodox.

J.B2 utilizes drill music as a way to express his emotions and truly vent on the track. For him, drill music is a way to harness negative energy and prove doubters wrong. 

Other Irish drill musicians worth mentioning are: Chuks, Cubez, and Jug Jug.

ONEFOUR (Sydney, Australia)

Finally, ONEFOUR, the international music drill artist from Australia. This man is a transatlantic connector.

ONEFOUR has proven to be one of the most intriguing drill music prospects.

In fact, many consider him a direct descendant of Pop Smoke. The technical rampages he has proven his ability to resonate on his home turf as well as overseas. 

Music is the most universal art form known to man. It has helped countless individuals overcome struggles, express their emotion and enjoy themselves. Inevitably, music evolves just as technology, art and modern medicine does – with many different forms. Some genres for the better and some for the worse. In regards to drill music, we’ll let you be the judge.

Drill music originated around 2010 when Chicago artists like Chief Keef and G Herbo began releasing their anger on the track. This style of hip-hop typically involves gang slang, nihilism, deadpan delivery and ricochet type bars over menacing beats. Artists within this genre normally simulate violence and threatening language to intimidate their opponents and prove their superiority. 

That is not to say that every single drill artist actually carries out these actions just because they record these statements on record. As we all know, actions speak louder than words. It still begs the question – are these words doing more harm than help? 

Granted, these artists use disclaimers and parental advisory labels to warn that children and teens should not be listening. Regardless, the fact of the matter is – kids find a way to listen because they are attracted to the genre.

It is quite the dichotomy because yes the words are militant and may reflect negatively. But, do we place the same blame on movies, video games and television programming that may influence youth in the same way?

Pop Smoke’s influence on international drill music will be felt for generations to come

Violence and jealousy are as cruel as the grave itself. And hence it is a damn shame that Pop Smoke left us in the manner in which he did.

Still, his lasting legacy and intangible impact in every encounter cannot be undermined.

It is evident through his ability to transcend cultural borders as his dance styles, smooth approaches and drill lyrics have reached multiple new provinces around the globe.

Pop Smoke had all the intangibles and was well on his way


  1. Ive been looking up drill music since I read this piece. I know I’m just scratching the surface but culturally it seems to come from a similar place filled with anger, despair, calling bullshit out, injustice, deprivation, crime and violence that birthed a lot of punk, hardcore, extreme metal. Through the decades the human condition doesn’t change.


      1. All creative endeavour is primarily an expression of its creator. If its audience relates to it, then that is a consequence and an important one in that it encourages the artist to continue. It’s not about one being more important than the other; it’s more about one nourishing the other in a closed loop.

        Liked by 1 person

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