Many of us have seen Lil Uzi Vert with a new pink diamond literally in his head, courtesy of celebrity jeweler Elliot Eliantte. A lavish and outlandish action, it seems, but if anyone can rock that kind of look, it’s our fav Lil Uzi.

The realization of what Lil Uzi really did with the pink diamond brought two things to my head: One, mans has really leveled up over the years, in status and in confidence.

And two, it seems there is nothing Elliot Eliantte can not do. Thus, we explored the decision of Uzi to get an actual pink diamond attached to his face, and dove into Eliantte’s past as well.

Is Lil Uzi Vert really bugging with this pink diamond though?

It takes a whole lot of digging through the rubble to shine the way some of these artists do. If you were to ask me, I think it’s just another target around your neck.

Hell, some would even say jewelry is what got Big L killed by his own man. I will forever stick to the mantra that money is replaceable in the sense that it should only go toward ventures that will accrue more money.

But, if you got it like that and that’s your prerogative, rack out on them then! Lil Uzi Vert is just different. We all know this to be true.

Recently, Lil Uzi unveiled the $24 million pink diamond implant from Elliot Eliantte. The “Neon Guts” artist permanently implanted a pink stone into his unibrow. And it may have led to some seriously worrying after-effects.

Fearful as this made us fans, it appears Uzi is okay.

Elliot Eliantte is a star craftsman

Hip hop artists tend to flock towards Elliot Eliantte because of his ability to tailor custom jewelry to their liking with extreme elegance and precision.

The celebrity jeweler seized every opportunity given to him in conjunction with Avianne and Co.

Together with the Aranbayev family and Gabriel Jacobs, these innovators have created a powerhouse business that attracts elite clientele.

From the jump, they had their sights set on touching all components of the jewelry industry – not just merely supply and demand. They put in the groundwork via door-to-door promotion and made sure to utilize all connections forged throughout their lifetimes.

The most magnetic quality about Eliantte is his persona. Hence, he brings his energy to every encounter and separates himself with an upper echelon type aura.

It all starts with a vision and now if someone gets bamboozled on their jewelry purchase the saying goes#ShouldaWentToEliantte.

“It’s in a person’s soul to rock that rock that gold – Spend your whole life trying to get that ice.”Diamonds From Sierra Leone

Kanye West

A past of rappers and their jewelers

If we really want to get into the irrelevancy that is material arguments – Pharrell did it first. His choices with Jacob the Jeweler (Late 1990’s) were of a different elk in the sense that he was getting items pavéd. You can’t even pronounce pavé! 

Interestingly enough, the decisions Pharrell made at the jewelry shop led to the development of his relationship with Nigo.

Because whenever Pharrell would leave the store with a new chain, Nigo (A Bathing Ape and Human Made Founder) would take notice and request the same style. Learn more about their relationship here.

Regardless, I just hope that these jewelers have long-term savings. Because they are just as replaceable as their work. For a hot second, it was Jacob the Jeweler, then everyone got hip to Ben Baller, now it is Eliantte.


Can Elliot Eliantte’s run at the top continue?

The quality of Elliot Eliantte’s pieces separates his work from others and that is the major reason why he is the preferred celebrity jeweler.

But, how long until the next guy pops up? It may be a cynical take but you are only as strong as your role and the type of industry in which your contributions reside.

Look at it this way – you have a hip-hop artist, a journalist, and a jeweler. Who is the most valuable? That question will remain open-ended but it is pretty clear who has the most staying power in that scenario. 

With that, not everyone believes that he is the real deal as is customary with the diamond business. 

There will be claims of fraud and disingenuous activity for any jeweler. All in all, the industry itself is based upon vanity and contention. But shoutout to Uzi for putting his life on the line just to implant jewelry into his face! And shoutout to celebrity jeweler Elliot Eliantte for being able to do it.


Lil Uzi and the pink diamond

Honestly, I think Lil Uzi is blocking his third eye with this pink diamond, but the theme remains: Your money, your problems.

We never expect Uzi to be stagnant. And we also never expect him to be basic and boring. Still, this move surprised us. It’s like a Pink Panther movie… if there was no mystery besides the question of “dog… why?”

But ultimately, these questions of what Uzi is doing led us to observe celebrity jeweler Elliot Eliantte more closely. Besides, a little more information on creatives behind the scenes putting in that work never hurts.

Keep that third-eye open kid.

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