Speedy Morman Complex Commander

Speedy Morman is a young man who has generated terrific responses throughout his lifetime. Reigning from Queens, NY Christopher ‘Speedy” Morman is a first generation graduate of Syracuse University. While on campus, he set the tone early by going above and beyond to achieve his dreams.

Militant style, Speedy has been climbing the Complex ranks via refreshing new series’ ideas. His most recent business development landed him Spotify’s first ever morning show called, “Get Up.” Starting at seven o’clock on the dot, the bright & early coverage consists of news headlines, pop culture gab and talking points of the sort.

While pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast & Digital Journalism, Speedy started his own Complex Media offshoot, The Honor Role.

To prove to Complex that he could polarize and magnetize individuals, he recruited four young women to join him. From there, The Honor Role generated articles, coverage and mainly interviews with prominent individuals such as Angie Martinez and Rick Gonzalez.

Fast forward to now, Speedy is a fortified face of Complex News media and has several different channels by which he effectively communicates. Please find some of his contributions below:

Group Chat Podcast (Tidal)

Get Up Morning Show (Spotify)

Jobs Unlisted Series (Complex)

Don’t Believe the Hype Series (Complex)

360 With Speedy Morman (Complex)

On Instagram, he is the coolest, most comfortable cat you know – often rocking sweatsuits that match from head to toe. In reality, this man is never comfortable because greatness is not achieved within a comfort zone. He consistently finds a way to strike fire to brimstone and push the ball forward when it comes to social commentary. 

Much like a Nardwuar (Canadian interviewer), Speedy consumes information about his subjects tirelessly to gain a full perspective. 

He doesn’t smoke, nor drink rather he “eats what he kills.” His mentality revolves around pushing himself to do the things he does not wish to do now, that way he will thank himself later. 

With dark energy becoming more popular and children misunderstanding who to idolize, this man is a staple in his community and one to be revered.

Check out his most recent interview with our 44th President, Barack Obama below!

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