Baltimore Superstar: Carmelo on the Orange

Carmelo Anthony’s 2003 Syracuse team defeated 13 seeded Manhattan en route to one of the most brilliant all-encompassing performances of March Mayhem. G-Mac, Hakim & Carmelo were one of the illest trios of the new millennium. 

Luck is what happens when opportunity perfectly meshes with preparation. All three are required in order to maintain longevity in the NCAA tournament gauntlet. 

Carmelo is ahead of his time in many different facets of fashion, hoops and activism

We really witnessed an elite class of talent around the turn of the new century with the likes of Carmelo, Tracy McGrady, Kobe, LeBron, KG and more. Notice, that only one of those high-caliber stars went onto play college hoops.

Climbing Through the Path of Great Resistance, Syracuse won the title as a 4 Seed

That man – Carmelo Anthony had the single-handedly most impressive one and done career. Before the one and done rule went into effect, Melo knew he was going to test the collegiate stage for at least two semesters. And boy did he ever.

Cuse Took the Tourney by Storm

The title win is impressive – no doubt – but the way in which he willed his team to victory night in and night out provided even more entertainment value. 

Melo Will Go Down as a Pivotal Piece to Team U.S.A. Gold Medal Dominance

Carmelo’s ability to beat a defender off the dribble, rebound and recover after missed shots is uncanny. Or, he might just jab step you into submission to create space for a knockdown jumper.

Regardless, the skill magnitude he possessed as a Freshman in college might be the highest of all-time. Not only that, but Syracuse was led by two Freshman during a time where many players would stay until graduation to improve their skills entirely.

Carmelo’s Efficiency Elevated to Unprecedented Levels in the postseason

The Melo-led Orangemen will go down in history as one of the most improbable victors of any March Madness saga. That ‘03 team brought the championship home to the Carrier Dome and provided memories that will last a lifetime for all of New York.

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