5 Mexican Women Photographers Reinventing the Wheel

Everyone demands serenity, sometimes. We all desire an escape of some form and our internal mechanisms require regulation and recalibration. For some, that may a beach or a cruise, for others it might be something as simple as photography in real-time. 

Whatever it is, just know that we are here to appreciate the simple nature of life and the intricate beauty that makes our existence so incredibly profound.

Did you know that English as a business language only accounts for 30% of the World’s GDP? (Unicode) True story – so as we continue to illuminate all cultures it is time to appreciate some legendary photographers with their boots on the soil in Mexico.


Graciela Iturbide challenges conventions with determination and zeal

Conformity is boring…as is the conventional way of living. This provocateur studied under Mexican legend Alvarez Bravo and draws major influence from the Mexican renaissance. She tends to highlight the transition between traditional ways of life and the ways by which capitalism has shapeshifted our realities. She is the only photographer that gained access to shoot Frida Kahlo’s bathroom after her untimely passing. 


Her work emphasizes setting and touches upon the woman as a dignified being. She consistently amplifies the art scene with passion, discipline and cooperation toward equality.

Cristina Kahlo – this family rewrote the artistic canon within Mexico and Cristina is absolutely no different. She does so with thorough, dynamic, observative historiographic recognition of her surroundings. 

Posthispanico MX by C, Kahlo

Kahlo reduces reality in order to seize the specific moment at hand. It is her duty to make the image speak so she always provides small contextual clues that leads the viewer in the proper direction. 

She preserves ancestral art traditions by documenting ceremonial centers, coetaneous humans, and abstract rituals. Her work is a testament to perseverance and displays a magnificent ability to channel pain into profound abstract art.

Cecy Young – this Mexican-born artist is fully immersed within the fashion scene. She captures appealing visuals through a feminine and eccentric lens. She carves out a new lane for herself with the intention to highlight the collision between real and imaginary. By doing so, she encompasses new compositions, colors and deals with the religion and superstition that cloaks much of Mexico.

Cecy Young

Lourdes Almeida – this classic photographer deals with traditionalism in the classiest sense. Much of her work deals with self-fashioning objects and how they convey power within the subjects she encapsulates. For example, the rebozo (shawl) is a staple in Mexican culture made popular by the late, Frida Kahlo. Almeida creates inventive profiles that represent the range of difference and ethnic signifiers amidst Mexican citizens.

She incorporates communal formalism, solidarity, contemporary issues in her illuminatory catalogue. Her work personifies resonance, vigilance and flourishment.

Escapism Art by Almeida

Alejandra Cervera Hauser – this creative woman takes you on quite the journey in every photograph. Her work unleashes women in showcased spaces that have never quite been imagined as such before. A lot of her captures provide movie still imagery vibes that organically exhibit women in fresh and exciting spaces.

Cityside Aladdin Type Setting by Alejandra C. Hauser

She is not a fan of Photoshop, as she is shocked by perfection and the mere wonder and awe that comes from true photography. Her unparalleled breadth and depth of subject symbolizes power and makes you stop in real-time to truly feel and appreciate art.

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