Use Your Stimulus Check to Invest in Yourself

We are all responsible for our own well-being. Additionally, we all have the powerful autonomy to make choices based upon free will. The foods we eat, recreation we pursue and relationships that we grow all determine the means and gains of our livelihood. Ultimately, we will reach our expiration date and that’s just a fact of life. What we choose to do in between the margins of our historical timeline will either advance our legacy or leave a lasting imprint for generations to come: There is no other option. With that, let’s dive into a few ways you can stretch that most recent stimulus check a.k.a. The stimmy.

There are some things that will never go out of style when it comes to valuable assets. The first being real estate and the second being stocks & bonds. But, before we hit that nail on the head it is so vital to evaluate our daily habits. 

While we wait on the status of the stimulus checks, take a second to focus on your mental health

First, it’s beneficial to do a social media cleanse and limit our screen time. Reorganize your following, soak up knowledge through education and captivate your audience. There is money laying around everywhere, the Internet is no different. Wiping clean any toxic remnants on your IG, Snapchat, Facebook etc. will allow your brain to release serotonin in the right directions, not the fake aspirational ones.

From there, try to stick to one particular niche. Are you the fitness guy/gal, cooking extraordinaire or perhaps the sports card trader with insider tips? Whatever it may be, it is essential to provide value, by any means. Give away the game for free to build your following and then leverage that opportunity into something that may become subscription based. Hell, if you do it the right way and really start to see traction you may bust out a podcast and receive sponsorship dollars. Whatever the case may be, you need to put the capital behind your well-calculated brand and build your ‘clout’ before you can do anything. Welcome to the information age.

Pour the stimulus check funds back into your side hustle

To complement any side hustle business, you should always pour the funds back into the business. That’s 101. Investing will always be the smartest spend. Because the saying is: You work for your money and your money should work for you too. Maybe give the Acorns or Robinhood app a try? Bitcoin is certainly bursting and does not have a foreseeable crash with many more investors on board this time around. Just be wary of the volatility of any investment and ride it out by submitting continuous cash influxes with consistency.

Wisely place your stimulus check into real estate

Lastly, the number one money-maker (IMO) is real estate. There is a lot to be said for finding a fixer-upper property and playing the long game with renovations. If you are under 30 years old, most lenders will bless you with a first-time home buyer loan which is practically free money via thousand dollar grants. Do your googles (word to Combat Jack – R.i.P) find cost-efficient substitutes (3D Backsplash paper) and place capital toward major areas such as kitchen, bathroom, siding etc. Also, try to lower your monthly payments anyway you can, such as a tankless hot water heater or new grid panel via solar electric. These things cost a bit on the upfront but save you mightily in the long run.

Finding where you can get away with cheaper solutions versus backing out the checkbook for crucial areas is the key balancing act with real estate. Ultimately, it all comes down to being disciplined, finding your passions and applying pressure during every day the Lord chooses us to wake. 


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