Vertical Integration: Speed Kills in the Modern Era & Why Clubhouse is Winning

In 2021 we are coming for all bags within the online space. Given the fact that the pandemic has caused interactions to become highly virtual – it only makes sense. In this article, we will touch upon influencer marketing, top social media brands and a new emerging application called Clubhouse.

It is so important to know how the top performers in your space function. Once you are firmly aware of your niche, you can attack the space with the same energy that the top dawgs do. It is incredibly vital to your brand that you leverage your influence as well.

Reason being, influence and engagement are the metrics by which success is determined in the social media stratosphere. 

The most crucial part of any brand is the ability to provide value. A way that you can garner a valuable share of attention from leading brands is through partnerships. Creating that connection with a top brand via partnership collaboration will increase your likes, shares and followers which will in turn generate a greater Return on Investment. (ROI)

Some of the top brands that will boost your ROI are The Shade Room, Worldstar and Complex. These social brands are great to aim for sponsored ads because they will generate a great share of attention for your brand. The more people that hear about your brand and the more you increase brand visibility – the more likely it is that you will be able to convert this newfound influence into results. At the end of the day – it all comes down to offering immense value within spaces that are often saturated with thousands of companies much like yours.

By paying for advertisements on pages, you may increase the amount of fluidity and reach that comes to your page. With your value proposition, advertisements on popular pages will show your authenticity and let people know that your brand is a trusted resource.

A new application that many influencers have begun to utilize is Clubhouse.

Clubhouse functions as a never ending conference room or dinner table type experience. Clubhouse exists organically because it has yet to go through the algorithm loop like Facebook or Instagram. The algorithm loop shifts an app toward a newsfeed that caters specifically toward your interests and eliminates certain content based upon your preferences. 

It sounds great in theory – but it also makes it difficult to see your entire feed because the algorithms spoon feed the user based upon their recent searches/interests.

Clubhouse is the most organic space at the moment due to its ability to level the advertising playing field. This app has no reliance on vanity metrics (such as followers) and creates genuine connections between members. When you “hop on a stage” your entire follower base gets a notification which can allow you to draw large crowds.

The reason why people are flocking toward this app is due to its singular stream feed dynamics. What this means is that it is the most direct form of communication that exists on the marketplace. It provides users the ability to offer value, insights and strengthen their personal voice. 

Do you ever notice that when a commercial comes on television we immediately pull out our phones? Thus, mobile devices are much more effective for advertising than television (Super Bowl commercials being the only exception.) 

Speed wins in the modern era. Clubhouse provides native and contextual content at the fastest pace – through audio. Sound has the ability to trigger emotions and memories which makes it more impactful than other forms of social media. It allows humans to open up a dialogue in a dinner table type setting and reveal their truths.Our world is evolving toward the voice/artificial intelligence realm which is why this app has proved so successful to this point. Also, the fact that audio is much more passive than video allows for fly-on-the-wall type listening and background consumption similar to a podcast.

Once you gather people around your Clubhouse conference, you can inform them of your other accounts and what type of valuable advice or business endeavors you may have on the table.

Sonic branding is extremely pivotal in this day and age. Whenever you hear that Netflix noise, you know that an online catalogue of movies and shows is about to pop up. When you hear that “beep” you know that the Playstation is about to get turned on. Clubhouse grants us an incredible ability to cement our sonic brand because it revolves entirely around voice. 

As technology rapidly advances, ease of access becomes instrumental for success. Clubhouse is an app that provides convenience, organic advertising space and the ability to connect deeper with your audience. Check it out and see about all the hype!

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