Jay-Z x Moet Hennessey (50% Stake of Ace)

The last time we heard Jay-Z’s name mentioned it dealt with business. This time around – more business from the mogul himself. It is wondrous to see someone from Marcy Projects and a fractured region of Brooklyn continue to dominate the luxury spaces of America.

Jay-Z’s brand Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades) has reached a partnership agreement with Moet Hennessy. They will split the ownership directly down the middle in hopes to advance and create a new globally renowned brand.

As the world continues to turn, it seems as if Jay-Z has to do less rapping and more business. His Monogram company will feature the globe’s purest cannabis and he continues to make classy splashes into the spirits industry, too.It all started from a place of mutual respect as Moet’s owners Bernard Arnault and Phillippe Schaus met Jay-Z in his Los Angeles home. From there, it only blossomed into further opportunity.

At first, Jay-Z and people from his neighborhood popularized the champagne brand, Cristal by consuming it, exploring life and name dropping it in songs. This did not sit well with the owner of the brand when asked if it might give the brand a negative association Frederic Rouzaud stated:

“That’s a good question, but what can we do? We can’t forbid people from buying it.” [CRISTAL COMPANY]

This exclusionary statement led Jay-Z to build his own champagne brand. Just like the way record labels shunned Jay-Z, the people on the outside forced him to create his own from the inside out. Armand started from the ground level and has now brokered a deal with one of the premier champagne brands in the world.This partnership represents integrity, passion and building from the soil. Together, these brands will create a powerful distribution network and appealing product. 

They each represent different sectors of clientele and will put forth disruptive methods to elevate from where they are now into another stratosphere. 

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