Amanda Gorman Personifies Poetry with Shock/Awe

Global change is inevitable. As long as we the people continue to progress our mentalities and advance modern medicine/technology the opportunities are limitless. I mean, look no further than the current debacle taking place within the stock market. Eventually, all currencies will be decentralized and the money printing machine that is America will look entirely different. Furthermore, the monopolies that control big business and the ruling class will eventually have to suffer a landscape shift that will favor the new and updated methods of operation.Who better to illuminate this mainstay characteristic of American progress than Amanda Gorman? A woman from inner city Los Angeles who grew up modestly and with a speech impediment. Due to severe ear infections, Amanda dealt with auditory struggles which resulted in difficulty pronouncing her ‘r’ sounds. As always, there is beauty within the struggle because she became much more adept to the way people hear words. Her disability did not weigh her down, rather it lifted her spirits as she rose to the writing challenge.

Gorman Chronology

2007: Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury sparks her poetic genius

2012: Joined WriteGirl – women empowerment workshop that focused upon self-expression through one-on-one mentorship.

Tropes: Hope, Unity, Justice.

2014: National Youth Poet Laureate Award Winner

Launches One Pen One Page Nonprofit

2016: Malala Connection Formed

2017: Performs ‘The Gathering Place’ piece at UN Social Good Summit

Wins National Youth Poet Laureate once again

Performs ‘In This Place: An American Lyric‘ At Library of Congress

2018: Malala Piece

2020: Harvard Graduate (Sociology)

2021: Creates shock/awe via wondrous poem “The Hill We Climb” during Biden inauguration

Her voice is soothing, her tone is moving – this woman is a leader/innovator. She traces her inspiration back to the first time her teacher read the story “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury. Since, she has encouraged youth to push through writer’s block with hope, anger and heart. Writing is a top-tier coping mechanism.

Today, she is leveraging her platform to the enth degree in order to amplify diverse voices. Her fiery words coupled with a tranquil pitch utilize historical motifs in the most elegant manner.

Since her inauguration captivation, Gorman has been signed to IMG Models. Additionally, her Change Sings: Children’s Anthem book has skyrocketed to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list. It will become publicly available on September 21, 2021 (Illustrations: Loren Long). Amanda will run for President in 2036 – the first year that she is eligible.

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