Sunny Days Bring Breezy Waves – Team Carter & Tim J

As a country, we are approaching the home stretch to normalcy. Soon enough, COVID will be a thing of the past and there will definitely be more sunny days to outnumber those gloomy ones. With that being said, let’s take a deep dive into Upstate NY to detail two Colonie rappers – Jesse Carter and Tim Johnson a.k.a. Cool Breeze a.k.a. Wyatt’s Jungle.

Last Summer, these two local artists paired up with an easy going track to ensure that they will soon be global. The track is reminiscent of a Mac Miller type vibe and the video takes place at The Crossings park in Colonie, NY (a hamlet suburban area outside of the state’s capital)

From the very start, the track takes the listener by surprise with a deep pitch inflection that Jesse normally doesn’t utilize. Most of the time, Jesse meets his mark with a signature vocal tone that exhibits his accent and off-kilter type bars. Instead, he displayed some versatility with an A$AP Rocky type “AWGE” bass boost in his chest and starts the video with a delusional distortion.

The power of the video scene cannot be underestimated. It is so simple yet so complex and reaches the audience right in their sweet spot. It is always favorable to speak a universal language and this video (Shot By Zues Lytning) does exactly that. 

The way that they are able to portray so many geographical elements coupled with airy wordplay provides a wonderful escape for the listener.


Within the body of their radiant content, the pair provides comedic relief during trying times, a space galaxy type getaway and major futuristic vibes. Cool Breeze is masked up like a Luchador and attacks the track with a singular word-per-line cadence. 

Together, these two mesh well and showcase one of the neatest features about the state of New York – its regional topography and diverse landscapes. 

With the views tallying up – look for these two to increase their rack amount and comma count with a collaboration in the near future. Until then, keep it locked right here at FNN. 


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