Coast Outpost Provides Cozy Wine [DUBLIN, OHIO]

In this pandemic era, businesses are asked to perform many tasks at a high level. Make no mistake, the theme remains customer-centric for businesses that want to thrive. 

Coast Outpost in Dublin, Ohio provides just that – a unique glamping experience under a socially distanced teepee. Beneath a canvas tent, consumers can enjoy an infusion of culture, upscale wine and light bites cuisine. Unfortunately, due to rising COVID-19 metrics, Coast Outpost went into hibernation on January 9th. Thankfully, the bottle shop remains open and delivers hand-selected wines free of cost at this time! 

This company carefully gathers their product from the Central Coast of California region – as a matter of fact they have collected more than 12 wine flavors from that specific area. 

What is so unique about Coast Outpost is their unbridled commitment to customer satisfaction. They will allow you to choose what exact day you would like the wine to be delivered. Also, for large format cocktail bottles, customers can include a custom greeting and/or signature to be etched right on the bottle. How cool!Prior to shutdown, they hosted in-house tastings amidst a socially distanced + well-ventilated winter patio. They offer a myriad of wines as well as non-alcoholic beverages like roses, spritzers and espresso martinis. 

What better way to enjoy your glamping experience then with a decadent meal spread to which some proceeds may go to organizations such as the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

Coast prides themselves on an elevated level of service/quality and staffed in-house members to uphold those values. The employees provide global perspectives, cuisine influences and focal points when it comes to local/foraged ingredients. 

Coast Outpost exists to liberate the consumer from stresses and create an escape during these trying times. Make sure you browse their IG and see if their offerings might interest you and yours!

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