World’s First Mobile Bowling Alley – Luxury Strike Bowling (Michigan)

“It’s not about who did it first, it’s about who did it right.”

More times than not, people claim they were the first to think of something. Clearly, actions and words differ incredibly in terms of magnitude. With that, ease of access is the key to our modern society. If your business is not consumer-centric in the information age, you will lose. Basically, it comes down to one choice: adapt or perish.

Adapt is exactly what Terence Jackson Jr. did. He put up 300 large and sold all of his condominiums and real estate properties to provide the world’s first mobile bowling alley – Luxury Strike Bowling !The 53 foot semi truck has two 25 foot lanes, an automatic ball return, digital scorekeepers and drivers that double as lounge assistants. Even better, no bowling shoes are required, there is bluetooth connectivity, temperature control and you can bring your own booze! (no smoking/ food)

The bowling balls have no holes and only weigh roughly 3-4 lbs. This makes the experience much like duckpin bowling but with regular pins.

Inside, it is much like a noir nightclub experience with black pleated booths resemblant of the diamond stitching that comprises a Bentley seat.Jackson feels that this venture reaches a large age demographic and was inspired by the likes of axe-throwing mobiles and/or arcade trucks.

Patrons are able to rent out the entire bus for 2 hours at a $500 rate or 5 hours for $1,000. Also, given COVID – they are able to choose whom they rent out the entire unit with comfortably.

Once booked, the truck is driven within a 30 mile radius of Southfield, MI. For an additional fee, Jackson and co. will drive up to 75 miles to service their customer.

His intention was to mimic the ease of shopping, traveling and eating that we continue to consume through convenience apps.

This venture was truly risky but the reward has already been flowing abundantly. Jackson had a vision and now he is booked out for months because of it. Also, a second mobile bowling alley is in the works to launch this year.

“We have to become bosses instead of consumers. And I just hope and wish that as I continue that I inspire more and more people to jump off the porch and let’s make it happen.” (WDET) – Terence Jackson Jr.

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