Local Highlight: Cakes2Envy

Sonya Drake is a self-taught cake designer who has bossed her life up by becoming an essential businesswoman. Her business, “Cakes 2 Envy” was established in 1996 and has all the cakes, cupcakes and sweet treats you might need for this holiday season!

The pound cake that Sonya makes (all cakes from scratch) is an extremely delectable and highly coveted item. Whether it be Peach, 7-up, Lemon, Jamaican Rum Cake, Butter, Sock it to Me or Strawberry the homemade pound cakes are shipped globally. As a self-taught cake maker Sonya’s masterpieces are tailored to your tastebuds.

Major themes include: Children’s (Frozen, Paw Patrol, Monsters Inc.) 

Designer (Coco Chanel, Gucci, Supreme)

Alcohol (Patron + D’usse)

Loyalty is royalty and Cakes2Envy has a very steady clientele that receives premium quality cakes for any occasion. 




Sonya is available for cake tasting appointments and consultations via cakes2envy@yahoo.com

Her business brand model revolves around providing customer satisfaction and contributing to delightful celebrations. 

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