NOCTA for OVO’s Nocturnal Nature – Drake x Nike

Do Yourself a Favor – Laugh Now Cry Later.

Clearly, Drake’s most recent video with Lil Durk was an indication of future collaboration with Nike as it was shot exclusively at Nike HQ.

Hell, it even featured Kevin Durant – one of Nike’s most worldly athletes.NOCTA‘s active outerwear focuses on functionality, performance, loungewear and practicality in the form of puffer jackets, sweatpants, hoodies, track jackets, hats, socks and gloves.

Sense of Uniformity

The muted tones provided from the likes of Drake and Nike show that simplicity and functionality shine through.

“I remember watching all these athletes repping Nike — each doing the unthinkable — and how inspiring it was. I always felt like there was an opportunity for Nike to embrace an entertainer the same way they had athletes. I thought about how crazy it would have been and what it would have meant for an artist to have a flagship Nike deal.”

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“But as much as it’s about what we make, it’s also about a mindset: an unforgiving drive, a relentlessness. Characterized by the type who are on the road all day, all night — the grinders, the hard workers — trying to accomplish their goals and taking no short cuts. By drawing from the culture he grew up with, NOCTA is striving to make “the hardest jacket, the hardest tracksuit, the hardest gloves. Just the best of that world.” (Aubrey Graham)

With a major partnership that features minimal branding, it is evident that this offering is just the first of many between these two powerhouse icons. The next NOCTA drop is slated to release on 02/23/2021. Also, stay tuned for the release of Drake’s upcoming album, “Certified Lover Boy.”

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