Fall is here, folks. As the leaves crumble down the trees and the breeze rolls heavy, the political climate is showing no signs of cooling down.

Trump’s TikTok ban will affect the fiscal mainlines of many as this measure reflects a counterillegence type of government restriction on the app formerly known as

Oracle just reached an agreement to access TikTok’s source code. Bytedance (parent company) agreed to let Oracle host the source code in the USA. This merger yielded greater security for Americans and Oracle also received a minor investment stake as well.

A $1.5T second stimulus agreement is in the works and all signs point to the fact that this plan will be the one that passes.

In other news, the USPS revealed that they were ready to ship (650K) masks to every household in America back in April.

Instead of educating the public and informing them that the masks were helpful, Trump downplayed the virus. He also put the kibosh on a mass mask effort due to the fact that he believed it would create “panic” or “unrest.”

Politics are strenuous at the moment but it is wonderful to see cross-platform interviews such as the one between Tucker Carlson & Cornel West. To become a force that our country deserves to be, we must unite in order to empathize with one another.

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