This Week in Business: Post Debate [10/2020]

At this rate, our country has been underperforming and not measuring up to its’ elite standards. America is a beautiful country with stars and bangles, yet politics continues to become more divisive and downright childish. 

The majority of the consensus population watched the debate on Tuesday evening which took place in Cleveland, Ohio. Typically, debates involve rhetoric, advanced argumentation, nuanced responses and the basic decency to allow formulated responses to be uttered. Unfortunately, this was more of a bickering match.

In other news, the Trump administration has flirted with the idea of wiping all professional scientific findings from the CDC website and not allowing any new submissions. Political interference may loom.When asked if Trump would denounce white supremacist groups such as The Proud Boys, he uncomfortably arrived at the statement, “Stand back and stand by.”

Much like his campaign commercial that cuts to Trump as King of the gridiron, Donald reiterated his commercial message during the campaign. He was glad to exclaim to the good folks of Ohio that he was responsible for bringing back Big 10 Football.

The display of professionalism during this event was downright disgusting. 

Biden pointed out that Trump ordered tear gas from the U.S. military upon peaceful George Floyd protestors outside of the WH. After the crowd cleared, Trump proceeded to step into the church across the street and hold up a Bible. These types of behavior are concerning and indicative of a tyrant.

Biden also reversed course on his campaign strategies and principles throughout the evening. At times, he reverted to name calling and started getting visibly flustered. 

The entire event was a whirlwind and much more of a disingenuous disgrace than a debate. 

Considering the fact that we will have three options in November, why is Jo Jorgensen not allowed on debate stage?

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