Amidst a Bandemic: Rowdy Rebel Returns Home

Rowdy Rebel has returned home and is ready for a complete transformation. After serving the near entirety of seven years, it is clear that this change already started when he was locked up. From what it sounds like, the first three years of his stint were challenging and Rowdy did not make much progress. From that midway turning point, he began to read and truly prepare himself for the world awaiting him upon freedom.

For those unaware, Rowdy Rebel, Bobby Shmurda, Corey Finesse & co. took the world by storm in the summer of 2014. Later that year, the hip-hop feds rushed Quad Studios to incarcerate the majority of their GS9 clique on a case that had been brewing for quite some time.

The search started around 10 P.M. as Rowdy Rebel was the last person to be found in the inner most bowels of Quad Studios at about 7 in the morning. 

“What happens in the dark will always come to the light.”

Seeing the energy and renewed focus all about the aura of Rowdy Rebel is truly refreshing. You can tell that he sat down and truly looked inward to begin to shapeshift the way he goes about approaching life endeavors. Rather than living day-by-day in survival mode, Rowdy used his time to plot and plan out a long-term plan for longevity.

“Pain is temporary, the joy of freedom is forever.” Rowdy Rebel

While in the bing, Rowdy lost a lot of friends, had a lot of calls go unanswered and experienced tough times due to lack of daylight, solitary confinement, etc. Now that he is home, he is going to love some of his friends from a distance because not everyone shares the same vision that he currently contains.

“I refuse to satisfy those who wish to see me fail.” RR

Rowdy Rebel – real name Chad Marshall – is now moving more militant than ever in the sense of wisdom. By not associating with cats who “move dusty” and questioning those in association with him in regards to weapon, drug possession the glow-up is so vivid for this 29 year old man.

Strong Moral Compass

While incarcerated, he really began to realize the ways by which he can affect change through opportunities such as money management or “bundling bread.” Also, he was blessed to have business-savvy brothers who made wise moves so that he can get right back to it upon home touchdown. 

Speaking of home, Rowdy hopped the sprinter to the jet to the crib when he got out. His house is nowhere near the city (Hour&40 mins away) and he knows what he wants for himself. Nobody can distract his trajectory as he is clearly more humble and grounded than ever before. 

First 3 years – read Hood Novels (Urban Fiction) until they became repetitive

Next 3 years – read books that dealt with time, psalms, reflections such as Rich Dad Poor Dad

26 Months in – Bobby Shmurda agrees to take seven years so that Rowdy can reduce sentence from 12 years to 7 years.

It is reported that Bobby’s behavior has not shifted in a similar direction and that he wishes to break out of his Epic Records contract.

First Meal – Jerk Chicken with Mac n Cheese

Timely Vocational Flow Coming Soon

KillEm With Kindness & Infectious Energy

Plans to collaborate with TayKeith, Lil Durk, Meek Mill, French Montana and Young Thug

Visited Brooklyn Museum and donated toys to hundreds of children.

Bought $200K worth of groceries for civilians. 

It is so apparent that the Big Belly Rude Bwoy will continue to cause ruckus and pandemonium but in a much more calculated, clean and grounded manner.

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