Who Should Have Done What? The Attempted Execution of Jacob Blake

KENOSHA, WI: Police received a domestic dispute call and promptly arrived at the scene after reports of a domestic dispute between two women in the area of 2805 40th St. Bicycle cop, Rusten Sheskey’s heinous act of violence rung out in the back of Jacob Blake seven times last weekend. Blake is currently paralyzed and handcuffed to his hospital bed. This incident is less clear cut than others, but the result remains unchanged: those who intend to protect and serve are damaging and hurting.

*Please read this stanza with an open-mind as I state my opinion on the matter*

Personally, I am divided to my core on this tragedy. First, this topic is one of the most difficult ones to discuss – but it must be done. The reason why it is difficult to speak about this is due to the fact that in any hostile encounter he who hesitates is lost. 

In the video, it appears that Jacob Blake disobeys commands and does not play a role to deescalate the situation prior to receiving gunfire. In the same breath, it is difficult to tell Blake’s motive upon opening the car door. Thus, in a perfect world police officers would use necessary force to subdue their perpetrator and give him a ride to the station. 

Prior to Blake crossing the front of the vehicle to open his driver side door, Vincent Arenas Brittany Meronek and Sheskey already had him subdued. 3 on 1 with Blake on the ground: slap on the cuffs and read the Miranda’s. Right?

Before he crossed the car, two officers fed him body shots in the ribs while the other had him in a headlock. Wrestling proceeded – as an eyewitness claims – the officers continued to shout, “Drop the Knife!” It is difficult to discern what type of struggle ensued because visible video footage begins with Blake crossing the front of the automobile.

The damning evidence here will be if the knife is determined to be on his person or under the driver side floorboard. It is unclear in videos.

In these situations, body language and silence speak volumes. My questions adamantly begin after the third shot – if you look closely, Sheskey makes an attempt to pull Blake back by his shirt prior to discharging his first shot. After that third shot is when Sheskey’s motive becomes clear – he lunges closer and continues to fire his pistol into Blake’s spine. We all should feel like the woman in the orange pants. Also, notice the downright disregard for human life as Sheskey peripherally glances at said woman while she runs over and he finishes his act. Foul. As a fourth officer emerges, he stands attention over a nearly lifeless body as if he has to sturdy himself up against a potentially threatening individual. 

All in all, history will repeat itself. What will it take to reform a clearly DEFUNCT organization? 

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