Vegan Regimen Improves NBA

In order to be aerodynamic, the modern athlete is vegan. Go Beyond Meat is a brand that has inked a fortified partnership with the NBA. This agreement goes beyond financial purposes as it is has shifted the landscape of the way players perform. Players in the 80’s were bulky and physical, hence a different era and genre of basketball. Players today need to be quick and nimble with many more tools in their belt. Nutritional regimen buckles the core of that belt mightily and efficiently.

In conjunction with Social Change Fund, Go Beyond has developed a very successful lifestyle brand. With endorsements from players such as Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, JJ Redick and Carmelo Anthony – this movement is on a mission.
Their Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the stock market performed tremendously, yielding an 800% share increase within a month. To put that in perspective, at the end of last summer their company was worth roughly $240 dollar per share (eclipsing Viacom, Jet Blue, Molson Coors)
Going vegan has given several NBA players another micro-advantage that they naturally seek. In the beginning, Ethan Brown hired Jeff Manning (creator of Got Milk campaign) to target mothers because they do most of the buying. Their message is simple: eat our food if you want and spread the message how you want. They have produced countless beneficial relationships and utilized great timing to imprint an impact upon this new generation.
Here are some of the major takeaways from the ‘Beyond’ brand
Pull No Punches
  • Addresses social, education and health equity by committing to provide equal access to food with nutritional value
What You Put In is What You Get Out
  • Seismic shift in culinary strategy, business acumen, approach to masculinity
  • Life Cycle Analysis weighed their burger in at ¼ lb with much less water, land and energy emissions used
  • Endurance, Bulk Protection, Steadfast Recovery
Newark, OH

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