Violence Can Be Unavoidable: Self-Defense is Protection [Derrick Grace II]

Derrick Grace II is raising an extraordinary black family. They are trained to know their rights and utilize all amendments as citizens with due process in our great country. 

Most children do not have access to weapons within the home for reasons specific to the leader of the family. Grace believes that training his children to become proficient with weapons removes the mystique “much like a toy.” Once they become familiar with the item the allure of the weapon disappears and the utilitarian purpose becomes pivotal. 

Homeschooling with Rifles

Grace chooses to train his children with rifles, first as he believes that most children are not strong enough for handguns. His “unlearn and relearn” syllabus focuses on providing relevant knowledge to his children that they will need for the future.

Q: “What three things did Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and Muammar al-Gaddafi all have in common?”

A: “They all challenged the United States dollar bill.”

Grace firmly opposes the education system within the United States of America. He believes that school is much like a daycare in the sense that there is daily dilution of mental ability and stimulation. We are programmed to believe money is equivalent to happiness, but the Grace family learns much deeper ideals than that.

Their curriculum deals with intellectual property – they can take your possessions but they cannot take your mind. The children within the home also learn the value of ownership, proper planning, and financial freedom.

Child Protective Services has visited the home on three separate occasions due to complaints from internet videos. Each time they have not received entry into the home or been able to interview the children in any circumstance. 

“We are practicing 2A, have a nice day.”

Lastly, Grace believes that if guns were illegal there would be less crime. In the meantime, nothing will halt his progress within his home for his children to protect him (& vice versa) if there were ever a time necessary to take legal self-defensive action.

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