Police Narratives Against 2A Rights: Casey Christopher Goodson Jr. [01/31/1997 – 12/04/2020]

Casey Goodson – a twenty three year old man with his head on his shoulders – is no longer with us. Thus far, the details surrounding this case are still very murky so here is a rundown of what we know.

  • Casey Goodson died on his kitchen floor in front of his grandmother and two toddlers – keys still in door. 
  • Casey Goodson had his CCW and bought all of his firearms legally from Vance’s Outdoors.
  • Jason Meade (17 year veteran on Franklin PD) was the sheriff deputy assigned to the U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force on that day. 
  • Casey was not an object of the search nor was he wanted by law enforcement prior to the incident.
  • There were no bodycams involved as Franklin County does not require officers to do so.

Initial autopsy reports show the manner of death as homicide with multiple shot wounds to the torso. 

Witness Accounts

“4 shots from what sounded like an automatic weapon” (Anonymous)

“Goodson drove by and waved a gun in the direction of authorities which prompted confrontation.” (U.S. Marshal Peter Tobin)

Goodson’s mother posted via Facebook that her son was coming home on his lunch break with subway sandwiches in his hand and was unlocking his door when he was shot in the back.

The family attorney for this case is Sean Walton. Final autopsy and toxicology reports will take an additional 12-14 weeks as the Columbus Division of Police Critical Incident Response team continues to investigate.

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