Breonna Taylor Part 1

Breonna Taylor was murdered in her sleep due to the elusiveness of a no-knock warrant in Louisville, KY. In order for a no-knock warrant to be legitimate there must be cameras on the premises and confirmed evidence of drug activity. Judge Mary M. Shaw signed off on five different no-knock warrants within 12 minutes of each other leading to Breonna Taylor’s untimely demise.

When the LMPD Narcotics officers dispatched themselves to Taylor’s home, they were required to follow the “knock and announce” rule. Reports conflict as Jonathon Mattingly, Brett Hankinson and Myles Cosgrove claim they announced their presence prior to unleashing the battering ram. 

Instead, Kenneth Walker woke up in the middle of the night to what he believed was a home invasion. With his concealed carry permit, he fired one warning shot toward the bottom of the door and in return received a barrage of bullets. Walker was charged with attempted murder on a cop but the charges were dropped without prejudice (can be reassigned if deemed necessary.)

The police report filed is primarily blank and incorrect. On the police report there is a death investigation noted but no mark of forced entry or any reported injuries despite the 8 bullets that riddled Taylor’s body. Yet again, these officers defiantly disobeyed law and order, caused permanent bodily harm and are now on administrative leave.*

Breonna’s ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover was arrested that same night in a raid on an alleged drug house where police found upwards of 4.2 ounces of cocaine. 

Glover Background

Jamarcus Glover

  • February 2020 – provided Taylor’s phone number on documents for traffic ticket appeal 
    • Provided Taylor’s address as his own for Chase bank account. 
  • 2016 – Fernandez Bowman found deceased in the trunk of a rental under Taylor’s name.
  • Taylor lent the rental car to Glover as they had been dating for months at that time.
    • Fernandez Bowman is the brother of Damarius Bowman whom, Glover did multiple stints with in prison. 
  • Glover missed a recent court appearance as his lawyer has been unable to locate his whereabouts.

A plea deal for Jamarcus Glover was drafted recently that mentioned Breonna Taylor as a co-defendant. 

The plea sheet that Sam Aguiar posted on Facebook was a draft that was part of preindictment plea negotiations with Mr. Glover and his attorney. Those drafts were never part of the court record and are not court documents. (KCRG)

Although these documents mentioning Taylor did not surface in official court proceedings, the fact remains: they tried to implicate her. The FBI continues to examine every angle of this tragic incident after collecting several critical ballistic components from Taylor’s home. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the state of Kentucky received a recusal order from the federal investigation. 

*Hankinson has since been fired as he reportedly “blindly fired” 10 shots into the apartment from outside.

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