Enter the NBA Disney Bubble [07/20]

NBA intrasquad scrimmage started July 22nd in Orlando. Gameplay resumed as the pick-up atmosphere created a place for starters and backups to get their legs underneath them. Players are currently within the ‘Disney Bubble’ and must self-quarantine for 14 days if they exit the radius under any circumstance.

On March 11, the NBA froze its’ regularly scheduled operations. The top eight teams from each conference who would have been postseason eligible that day were the first sixteen to automatically receive a playoff bid. The remaining six teams that were chosen fell six games behind the eight seed, respectively.

On July 30, The NBA season will resume in an unorthodox 22-team fashion in the World Wide Sports Complex in Orlando, FL

The NBA differs greatly from the NFL in the way that it embraces its platform as a vehicle for advocacy and social impact. The league will allow players to put any Last Name they choose on the back of their jersey as well. 

For example, Spencer Dinwiddie (BK Nets) will put “Trillion” on the back of his jersey to highlight his opinion that inequity should be focused upon more highly than inequality.

Many players like Jerami Grant (DEN) have been utilizing every moment at the podium to acknowledge the fact that Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove committed a murderous act against Breonna Taylor in cold blood and are still at-large.

As a player-driven league, the NBA is destined to make major waves this summer. Let’s just hope everyone can remain healthy while doing so.

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