In the Kitchen Wrist Twistin Spicy Stirfry

Calling all fans of spicy seafood – FNN has exactly what you’ve been missing in the kitchen. Get ready to stir it up and deliver some high heat with this exclusive recipe!

1) Prepare everything. I recommend dicing and seasoning all ingredients beforehand.

  • Slice mixed vegetables, mushrooms, scallops, perch, shrimp and mixed seafood on the chopping board.
  • Season with your array of any spice depending upon flavor, preference or availability. I chose lemon pepper, umami mushroom, cheesoning and Creole to sprinkle upon the first items placed upon the chopping board. 

2) Whisk 2 tbsp milk, 1 tbsp butter, dash of green curry sauce, 3 tbsp green hot sauce, 1 tbsp soyaki and 2 tbsp miso ginger broth in a small pot and heat to a boil.

  • Once bubbling – pour rice, bring to a low temperature, stir and cover until thick.

3) Apply 1 tbsp olive oil (and water throughout) in pan to sear all of the veggies and seafood. 

*Start cooking the rice and vegetables/seafood at the same time*

4) Once your ingredients are nearly finished cooking put 2 cups of water into a bowl and heat up ramen in two 90 second increments and stir/break up noodles every 60 seconds.

  • Apply garlic powder, drain grease from pan (not into sink!) combine ingredients, stir, let simmer and enjoy!

I trust that you will whip it up properly to assemble your meal! Whatever you do, support small businesses and co-op food missions during these trying times.

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