Elijah McClain’s Tragic Demise

Elijah McClain is another young unarmed black male who tragically lost his life due to woeful police ignorance and brutalization.

On August 24, Aurora authorities received a report regarding a “suspicious person” wearing a ski mask and waving his arms while walking down the sidewalk. Elijah wore the mask because he would get cold easily due to his anemia.

When police offers arrived, McClain refused to stop upon approach. The police officers proceeded to tackle the 140 pound teen and pin him to the ground in a “carotid control hold.” Even after notifying the officers of his inability to breathe and vomiting several times, police officers continued restraint until it proved fatal.

Elijah was anemic, introverted and mildly disabled. When he would interact publicly, he would bow to strangers and say “With Gratitude” as a sign of respect.

To achieve justice for Elijah McClain, please sign the petition here.

Please use your voice to enlighten and share insights during these trying times where we try to defund the organization that continually uses excessive force and militarization tactics as means to “protect and serve.”


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