By now, I’m sure that boredom is starting to creep in and you’re running dry out of ideas. If that is the case, we got all kinds of movie suggestions to unleash pandemonium during this pandemic. 

10) Day After Tomorrow – what better way to celebrate our post-apocalyptic society than watching it crumble via “superstorm” of catastrophic natural disasters.

9) Saw – if you enjoy suspense and sheer thrill then the Saw series deserves a rewatch during this mandated incubation period

8) 127 Hours – as a man is traveling through the peaks and depths of a mountainous cavern he becomes stuck. The lengths he has to take to release himself from captivity are downright grueling and will test your fortitude.

7) The Strangers – known as a classic horror film, this movie is always good for a scare and extreme mystery.6) Contagion – this production resembles our current coronavirus pandemic to a tee. Ironically enough, the maker of the movie illustrated the events that might take place if a deadly outbreak were to spread throughout the universe. 

5) The Crazies – George Romero’s second production is a cult classic about a disease that proliferates throughout communities via contaminated water supply.

4) Chernobyl – this movie showcases the result of ultimate decay from nuclear destruction and experimentation. Unfortunately, there is no effective quarantine for what type of material was contagious in this environment.

3) The Shining – an all time spooky classic, this one is sure to send some chills during your home shelter. 

2) Insidious – this movie explores different astral dimensions and heightens paranormal energy in the most abnormal way.

1) The Conjuring – delving deep into macabre history this horror flick takes the audience for the wildest ride with layers upon layers of storylines, angles and background appearances.

By: Ian Romaker (iG: @erose2theoccasion) Location: Newark, OH

1) I’ve gone skiing the same amount of times I’ve been golfing: once.

2) I am truly trying to eat whole foods with nutrients without utilizing meat or dairy in my diet.

3) In college, I would organize “cyphers” for people to freestyle and perform songs or poems. 

4) I am a hip-hop purist and only thoroughly enjoy songs with lyricism, wordplay and storytelling.

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