DOPE KICKS [HEMP FIBER] [02/27/2020]

In 2020, it is imperative to incorporate many different layers to a brand and its identity. As an entrepreneur, one way to stand out is to utilize the three rhetorical devices:  

  1. Ethos (credibility) 
  2. Logos (logic) 
  3. Pathos (emotion)

DopeKicks is a brand that truly separates themselves from the pack with their manufacturing processes. Their ecological sneakers are formed with cannabis hemp fibers to create completely renewable sneakers. The breathable water and dustproof sneakers are modeled in part after Henry Ford’s car made out of hemp fibers.*

After raising nearly $250,000 on Kickstarter, this brand has regulated its prototypes and sourced materials from Portugal, where workers are treated with real world value as opposed to Asia where 90% of the world’s harsh sneaker production facilities are located. 

The entire process is organically sound with multiple presses for extra cushion, water-resistance and liquid/stain repellant. The premium sneaker usurps 72% less CO2 consumption and evaporates 70% less water than normal processes. There is not one box that this sneaker doesn’t check whether it be the temperature regulating or return to natural shape due to the portion of rubber material. 

The most important part about this brand is the active and healthy lifestyle they promote through reputable business practices on all accounts. With more efforts such as these, we can only hope to weave one textile at a time to remove impurities from the industry.


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