Coronavirus Health [Prevention] [02/27/2020]

2020 has had its share of dark times this year and it is not brightening up in the near future. Unfortunately, it’s been deemed a matter of weeks until the coronavirus will strike the United States. A true test of our healthcare system will be asserted to keep this ganglion type virus under control, since it has the ability to kill thousands.

With that being said, it is still very possible to maintain your health during any point in time. To best prepare for the arrival of coronavirus, try taking an RSPP diet. Rice, Shrimp, Potatoes and Pasta is a great way to cover major nutrient groups. Of course, you want to include plenty of vegetables to supplement the entire ordeal, but the most important food health aspect is variation in meal combination. 

There are so many forms of stirfry, rice pasta bake and textured surfaces by which to place the pan-seared mixtures. Whether it be flatbread, avocado wraps, crackers or hoagies there are endless possibilities with vegetables and whole grain proteins. 

To ensure your well-being participate in regular exercise sessions, maintain regular sleep + eating patterns and practice meditation.

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