XFL [02/2020]

It is officially 2020 which means for the first time since 2001, the XFL is set to relaunch its league. The XFL is an alternative football league where some might say the X stands for Xtreme. This time around, owner Vince McMahon is the sole financier and sold nearly $100 million dollars worth of his WWE Stock in order to make it possible. McMahon is aiming to recreate this league to become more fan-centric.

Ideally, all XFL games will conclude in a two-hour time frame and won’t rely on cheap gimmicks or cheesy antics. Since there is a 25-second play clock, ten-minute halftime intermissions and a running game clock, the matchups will move with greater tempo. The league has placed a major focus on player safety, simplifying the game and making the entire atmosphere more family-friendly.

In the XFL, double forward passes are legal as long as the first pass is behind the line of scrimmage. Also, there are three-point conversions, overtime shootouts, 1-foot completions and a comeback period. During the comeback period, the clock stops after every play that takes place when there are two minutes or less left in either half.

The more football leagues, the better so it will be interesting to see how this renewed excursion plays out.

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