Cleveland Cavaliers Struggles [02/2020]

Achieving success while transitioning from the college game to the professional one is a challenge for anyone who makes the leap. It is even more challenging for coaches who believe they can reach the pinnacle at the professional level since they were able to do so collegiately.

This year, the Cleveland Cavaliers hired former Michigan Basketball Coach John Beilein to take over the reins and lead their young rebuilding roster into a contender out of the Eastern Conference.

Beilein is the sixth coach hired by this organization since LeBron James left in 2010. Unfortunately, progression is the last thing that has resulted for this NBA squad as a result of their coaching change.

Beilein’s playing style fixates too heavily on the fundamentals and has been criticized as “simplistic.” His approach has not been conducive to victories as the team has been critically plagued by scoring droughts, inferior defense and late-game collapses. Not to mention, Beilein lost complete control over the locker room in a film session when he referred to some players as, “thugs.”

Newly acquired Cavaliers big man, Andre Drummond (DET) stated that he will go elsewhere if Beilein remains at the helm. If the first year NBA Coach John Beilein becomes relieved of his duties, look for Associate JB Bickerstaff to step in as the Interim Head Coach.

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