Ohio Top 250 Expo Zoom Guards [JETSON]

To belong in elite company demands characteristics that truly separate one from the rest. The best players command spotlight while giving their teammates the best chance to come together and gain a victory. 

These hoop stars specialize at creating separation and shifting into the next gear that not every player is able to access.Omari Effiong – this grounded guard gets into the lane often and finishes with bounce. As an excellent all-around contributor, Omari contributes on offense, defense and as a positive locker room presence. His broad standing jump is immensely improved and he continues to prove his ability to create own shot off dribble. 

With powerful finishes, acrobatic mid-air adjustments and crazy hangtime, OE is tough to drown out in the paint. His pesky defense combined with leapability often allows him to snipe the ball out of mid-air and climb the ladder most cannot reach. Seek his immediate impact at the next level via clutch buckets and precise presence.Dante Woods – this teardropper personifies the meaning of a ‘walking bucket.’ He also epitomizes the phrase, “Hand Down Man Down” and will make you pay if you refuse to press him on the perimeter.

Although you might pressure him on the perimeter, Dante will deploy his crispy crossover that grants him lane entry early and sees him finish efficiently with either hand. As a true ankle snatcher, Woods reads defensive movement well and reacts accordingly to decipher the defense.

His shot is a thing of beauty as it seemingly travels to the ceiling upon tickling the twine. It traverses through the air with tremendous rotation and backspin, giving his teammates a higher offensive rebound percentage. Sending up these rainmakers provides him the ability to increase range and comfortably splash 30-footers. 

Regardless, this is a player that you know will get his night in and night out. Strategizing against him typically falls under the “contain” category rather than stop.  A magnificent finisher, DW is tough to defend when he fully advances toward the rack. His patient ball handling, ungodly three-point range and confident ability to finish in tight spaces finds him valuable now and in the future.Dre’Sean Roberts – this player belongs amongst elite company and has afterburners like none other. Like looking for gold on the beach, Dre’Sean is a bucket detector. The ball-on-a-string handles coupled with magnetism toward net bottoms makes this man a joy to watch.

He locks in defensively, sizes up defenders with attitude (get off me) and has an undying will to win. The ball never sticks in his hands as he contributes to reversals and fluid movements. A solid up and under move combined with 4K ultra vision makes him a threat. Being able to see developments paces before they occur is the highest redeeming quality that this player possesses.Sohn McGee – don’t blink or else you might miss ‘em. This fantastic facilitator gets into the paint and attacks the defense with controlled chaos. His selfless vision is contagious as it is clear that his teammates respond well and perform well when he is on the court. It is clear that this man gets a kick out of assists and loves to place his teammates in ideal situations to succeed.

Upon drive, Sohn gathers speed and a head of steam expeditiously. He finishes strong and has a knack for off-balanced jumpers that find the net. The key in the ignition here is his contagious vision. SMG will not fall for the charge trap, as his jump stop/euro-step package is incredibly refined. 

On defense, he seemingly pops up out of thin air and is a key cog in the help side rotation with a killer instinct to rise above and swat shots.  With an improving post presence, scoop and score mentality, and bungie jumps out the gym look for this player to deliver immediate results for any team. He knows that playing as a team leads to winning and stats will follow. That type of disposition and skill to go with shows that he plays the game the way it is supposed to be played.Camron Gaston – shifty highlight handles and stop-on-a-dime direction change create mismatches for days against Killa Cam. He is able to finish equally with either hand and has displayed some unbelievable in-game passes. 

He keeps the defense honest with unpredictability, double-clutch no-look passes and uses his small frame extremely well to shield defenders off in open space. The afterburners are real with this one, as he can go from 0-100 or 100-0 to shimmy shake ya in a heartbeat. Add in a high cross hesi and Cam will zoom to the hoop.

CG is glued to the movements of his teammates at all times and performs accordingly. He has eyes in the side and back of his head and creates ample cleared distance on outlet passes. On defense, he is a pickpocket extraordinaire and will get in and out of his spots before you even saw him coming. With range and a complex game, Cam will certainly ball out at the next level.

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