Ohio Top 250 Expo All-Dimers Team

The energy throughout the gymnasium was spectacular last Saturday. Despite being played at Courts 4 Sports, all teams played on Courts 1-3. 

As spectators minorly struggled to receive a view of all three courts at once, some elected to view from above. Either way, the competitive spirit rejuvenated many viewers whether on foot on court or on foot up top.

Sidebar: Fail to prepare: Prepare to fail.

This article will shapeshift its focus upon the best and most delicious dimes that the Top 250 Expo had to offer. Additionally, the word ‘dime’ or ‘dish’ is synonymous with an assist.#118 Ben Southerland – this young man has a generous wingspan and strides to match. His outstretched arms often disrupt passing lanes and his frame makes for an ideal centerpiece to any system. He would fit well within a zone structure due to his length and ability to close out strong on perimeter shot attempts. 

Southerland showcased some spectacular dimes often looking in opposite directions while placing some pizazz on the pass. As a player, Ben provides fluency to the offense via and has a very pure outside shot. Fast-paced, up and down, swift and nifty in transition – this guy can knock it down from any area.#12 Jayden Priddy – players visualize the court differently based on their position: basic fundamentals. Priddy sees the court through ultra lens. 

Ball-on-a-string dribbling like this reminds me of when Evan Turner committed to becoming point guard by dribbling a tennis ball around campus. I digress, Priddy’s hesitation move is lethal and will decipher defenses quickly.

Players like this are a gleam to watch because they penetrate the lane and instinctually lean toward passing. Call em’ lane drive creators. A great first jab step, dribble drive and pocket passing are all within Jayden’s array.

He will often poke up at the ball rather than swipe down to create a better percentage turnover. If the ball is airbourne it might hit off the opponents’ hand and ricochet.

Make no mistake, his aggressive style of play does not equate to excess unselfishness. When he drives the lane, his floater game and horizontal runners are impressive. When it all started with a blow by-move and Jayden enters the lane, his decision-making strikes timely. His hound nose for the ball is something that cannot be taught.#5 Ryan Chew – instinct should be the key metric for any chart. This player was born with the ability to lead. Much like a QB, his look-off game is proper. From side-to-side, Chew’s spannability is uncanny. Comparisons are tacky, but think of Professor (AND1 Mixtape)

Hands are always up and in lanes (steal wizard) with excellent balance necessary to tip-toe along the sidelines. With a drive-to-dish mentality, Ryan places wonderful loft on the arc of his toss. 

His behind-the-back crossover move creates great space as he oft deploys it at just the right moments. This individual has a great feel for his teammates whereabouts and provides a spark plug presence at all times.#74 Ayden ParsonsThis dimer provides delectable variations of passes with all kinds of english, backspin and angles. With a strong side-to-side drive, he sets up all kinds of ball movement along the perimeter via dribble drive. 

A key component for his point-guard handling comes down to the fact that he is nearly ambidextrous. A left handed finish can make all the difference when it comes to affecting a shot disruptor’s timing. Not to mention, floatability in mid-aerial attack will catch many off-guard.

As a big shot taker and big shot maker this young man does not shy away from crunch time. Certainly green light sufficient, Ayden has leader awareness, speed, hustle, patience and vision. 

It is pocket pass central for AP when he gets defenders’ back-peddling and narrowly escapes their outstretched arms. Regardless, this player plays performs well, especially when the ball is being whipped around the perimeter and the pace is uptempo. 

#22 Dasan DoucetSome players have tendencies that cannot be contained on the defensive end. Often, double-team shedders or players who command attention are sought after.

Dasan breaks down the court like a canvas. He always hoops with his head up and around for surrounding teammates. 

Base-of-center jumpshot, form from mid-range, three and a prime example of hustle, heart and timing. He will fit in with any program with effort via strength training, vertimax etc. to become a dangerously versatile prospect.

Some players tend to be in the right place at the right time. Doucet is one of them and falls under the ideal mould for any team.

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