Ohio Expo All-Confidence Team

The showcase action for Prep Hoops Ohio Top 250 Expo in Mason, Ohio did not disappoint. With boatloads of young talent on display, these athletes (℅ ‘21-’24) got up and down the court with urgency and exhibited why they are considered elite players. These hoopsters from all over the Midwest were involved with many transition opportunities, a few halfcourt sets and decent displays of defense .

After a brief conversation with BallerTV, both parties concluded that these athletes between the classes of 2021-2024 performed with a great deal of confidence. It appeared that the players were more likely to attempt a field goal instead of a turnover. Even if at times, this approach doesn’t yield the most ideal shot selection, the trend during this expo was more shots on goal. 

This article will highlight some of the individuals that stood out in terms of confidence.

Matthew Cletus

#4 Marty Zumbiel (Monroe) – this sharpshooter has a knockdown three point shot from any spot and is adept at tracking down long rebounds. He stood out due to his ability to catch fire and dominate the game on consecutive possessions. Clearly not hesitant from the arc – it is safe to say any coach who has Marty on the squad is going to give him the green light.

Matthew Cletus

#13 William Hagwood – this left handed floor general commands attention due to his ability to forcefully drive into the lane and silky sweet mid-range jumper. His explosion off of two feet and magnificent second jump ability makes him an interesting prospect. Quick wit, head on a swivel and beating defenders to the punch is Hagwood.

Matthew Cletus

#111 Nate Johnson – this man provides infectious energy, dependability and an agile sense of direction. The way that he manages to change direction with nimble steps opens lanes for teammates constantly. Nate is undoubtedly a player who hoops with others in mind, but make no mistake he can get a bucket, too. As a taller guard with a facilitator mindset, this player is determined to make leaps and bounds on his way to the next level.

Matthew Cletus

#97 Tom House finished the Expo Circuit with the same energy from the jump. Constant clapping, rallying and strong body language propels him and his teammates immensely. House never let his foot off the gas and will truly create an attempt before a turnover. Programs all over the country long for a player with a motor like his. With a smooth stroke, vocal leadership and an animated style of play, look for House to make an immediate impact on any roster.

Matthew Cletus

#22 Josiah Mobley – calm, cool, collected and dynamic. This baller provides a veteran presence, in the sense that he plays like he has been there before and welcomes the moment. He is unfazed by anything that distracts him from the ultimate goal: victory. As a quick decision maker, transition creator, and a player with laser sharp vision, look for Josiah to provide the intangibles needed to thrive at the next level.

Overall, it was incredible to witness the sheer determination and downright drive to put the ball in the basket on September 26 in Mason, Ohio. There is a thin line between “chucking” shots and being confident. For the most part, these players asserted themselves aggressively without costing their teammates. Hopefully, this is a trend that will carry on as these young players continue to progress.

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