Ohio Top 250 Expo X Factors

In a tough spot, a coach will often look down the bench to see who might provide a spark for a struggling team. None of these players are in that situation, though because they are starting caliber ballers and/or have already put their team in a winning position. 

Take a look at some of the game-changing X factors from the Expo.

Blake Michael – this player poses a formidable threat for opponents with a seemingly unlimited range and amount of confidence. He tight ropes cleanly off of screens and pops out at opportune moments to catch, shoot and convert from three. As a sharpshooter, Blake successfully capitalizes on open or contested shots.

In transition, he exhibits swift changes of direction and covers ground quickly. Being able to make adjustments and dodging defenders on ground or in mid-air has proven pivotal for this player. With high IQ, energy and positive attitude, Blake has what it takes.Kellen Porter – Kellen plays with a great deal of purpose. He moves well without the ball and utilizes a gritty grindstone style. He covers significant amounts of ground at rapid speed as a nimble first step allows him to pounce to the ball.

As a defender, it is tough to track his elusive movements. On defense, he is an absolute nuisance and remains active within the passing lanes at all times.

A squeaky guard who can create havoc for opponents, look for Porter’s patient court presence to shine through and be the reason he thrives at the next level.

Kade Bafford – a must-roster glue guy in every sense of the word. A reliable option in the form of perimeter slashing, hustle plays and one to always keep ball movement in rotation. Great form on his jumpshot, hesitation moves to shake defenders and look-offs/ball-fakes are all apart of his arsenal. Look for Kade to become a more potent weapon for his squad en route to becoming a dependable first or second option.

Owen Wiscombe – watch out because this guy is inclined to line it up from any spot on the court. With kinetic and calculated movements, Owen always gets to his spot. This player would fit well within any system as he can push tempo accordingly or settle down and buy a bucket in the halfcourt.

His low center of gravity upon dribble drive gives him an advantage in the lane. Like a fullback, he protects the rock well in the painted area. He has the ability to bang a trey from any area and steps rhythmically into jumpshots.

With terrific reaction time, excellent form, incredible energy and out-of-nowhere closeout quickness, there is no doubt that OW will flourish at the collegiate level.Tyler Ganley – it is truly nifty the way that this facilitator is able to weave in and out of traffic, seamlessly. T-Bone moves fluently off of screens to compliment a wonderful catch and shoot radius. He is a shoot-first player but will pass out to a wide open teammate upon drawing major attention.

Even through contact, his pure stroke almost always finds the bottom. His lull-you-to-sleep crossover stepback involves shifty eyes that indicate pass. Once he gets the sense of misdirection, TG will pull up and splash one. 

With killer instincts, this kid loves to mix it up and has shown immense improvement throughout quarantine.

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