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Ever since the racist, hate mongerer Harry Anslinger infiltrated American households with false ideals about cannabis, it has been difficult to remove the stigma. Even the term, “marijuana” itself is drenched in negative connotation due to its foreign and exotic sounding nature. Anslinger’s “Reefer Madness” campaign was a way to induce hysteria amongst Americans by propagating the notion that cannabis caused insane and violent outbreaks amongst people who consumed it. Thankfully, over time the paradigm around that ideal has began to lighten up as people have become aware of the nature of the plant and its countless beneficiary properties. 

One of the most iconic duos for the unmistakable imagery surrounding cannabis is Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. These guys made it cool to smoke cannabis and gave citizens access to characters that they could identify with. Riding around in their tricked out low-rider automobile, these two would transport into different realms of time and space during their journey. Clearly, they became iconic within the cannabis industry and broke the mold for cinematic roles that involve burning the herbal remedy. 

Mary Jane the Totemic Woman

Cheech and Chong were very ahead of their time and displayed a keen sense of bravery and courage to be some of the first actors to ever partake in what would appear to be the consumption of cannabis within a movie production. What’s amazing about their movies, though is that no real cannabis was ever inhaled on set. In order to maintain and sustain a level of focus, the two would toke on tobacco products that were rolled into joints. 

What is particularly interesting about Cheech and Chong is the way that they could perform their roles in a multitude of ways. Instead of cut up scripts they would often act upon natural and habitual cues. What this means is that the majority of their lines were improvised in a freestyle manner. The directors and producers rarely corrected them when it came to their improvisational input because they possessed a great deal of naturally gifted artistic ability. Sure, they smoked in real life, but remained adamant that it would not affect their workflow and daily progress they made to solidify their roles as comedic cannabis pioneers. 

Another significant icon within the cannabis industry was Jeff Spiccoli from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” As a blithe, good natured and carefree character Spiccoli proved that ignorance is bliss. His mindfulness and inclination to remain firmly within the moment represent positive short-term aspects of cannabis culture. He proved to be a derivative icon who defied tradition and supplied dissident behavior as a utilitarian purpose toward his life functions.

Spiccoli was also a major proponent of surf culture which is subversive in nature. Surf culture and cannabis culture relate to each other majorly due to their contemplative nature and prominence as disruptive subcultures. It is clear that Spiccoli represented a far-out version of transcendentalism. With metaphysical enlightenment, all this man needed was some “Cool waves and a tasty buzz” to be just fine. 


While Spiccoli, Cheech and Chong represented some of the earlier icons within the cannabis ecosystem there have been a few major figures that have emerged as of late. One of the most intriguing idols that has made headlines within the cannabis industry is Elon Musk. His huge puff on Joe Rogan’s podcast had the internet buzzing for weeks. This innocent experimentation actually led to a reviewal of his government security clearance. Musk considers the properties of cannabis to affect him like, “A cup of coffee in reverse.” He has created a rapport with the cannabis industry with slight jabs such as an acknowledgement of when TeslaX hit 420 in stock price. 

Certainly not one to shy away from such a lucrative industry, Musk has utilized his influence as a way to destigmatize and carry on the necessary dialogue surrounding the plant. His intellect and knack for logical reasoning far surpass the majority of humankind. Recently, he raised $20M with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 20 million trees. His Space Exploration Technology Corporation will soon launch military spy satellites. His Boring company has released incredible gadgets such as a flamethrower and continues to innovate at an exponential rate.

Certainly cannabis is a substance that is known to induce laughter. For utmost hilarity, look no further than Dave Chappelle’s character “Thurgood Jenkins” in Half-Baked. This movie was initially coined as disastrous but redeemed itself as it became known to be much more enjoyable while blazed. Much like Cheech and Chong, no actual cannabis was consumed while on set (except for possibly the scene with Snoop Dogg.) Well, actually Jim Breur believed he was finished with his set for the day so he (one of three main characters) rolled one up while in his trailer to relieve some stress. The day that Breur sampled some relief ganja was the same day final scenes were captured. Half-Baked lives on in cannabis infamy and is considered a classic colloquialism for enjoying the comedic healing properties of cannabis.

Intellectual Insight

Now, it is not entirely factual that Albert Einstein smoked cannabis, although it is quite possible. This humanitarian believed that substances aided his processes and provided a way to feel connected with something much bigger than himself. Einstein was a strong proponent of the notion that every living thing is fundamentally connected and interdependent. His profound thought patterns were based around the concept that humans are spatially extended structures of the universe. Certainly, he developed some potent ideas from meditative states so it is fair to assume that Einstein might have rode a few trippy waves throughout the cosmos in his day.

The common theme throughout this cannabis writing sample is business before pleasure. Sure, all of the iconic figures mentioned here partook in some recreational herbal activity. But, they all handle their main priorities beforehand. Sure, the occasional cannabis toke might have allowed them to compound their productivity by making additional discoveries. Or, maybe it just helped them take the edge off. Either way, these legends experienced endless benefits and reaped the rewards from cultivation of the cannabis crop. 

At FRESHNewsNOW, we consider ourselves premium providers of all kinds of information. Our lifestyle brand leaves a bold impression with quality, eco-friendly articles that are accessible for anyone of legal age. Everyone needs a surface to prepare their medicinal strand of choice – the V-Syndicate Einstein tray might do the trick. Hell, it might even lead you to come up with the next theory of relativity or at least change your perception of gravity. 

Many individuals within the cinematic and academic spheres have made cannabis a prominent part of their livelihood and have done tremendously well to spread awareness of the positive properties included. Here are a few social media influencers who thrive within the modern age and have created a lavish lifestyle centered around the healing agent: cannabis.


TheMommyJane speaks her truth about Mary Jane vividly and does so with chakra alignment and conscientious mindfulness.


Stunningly brilliant, Jennie flies high by elevating her mentality and posing to provide positive vibes. Keeping up with modern fashion trends, exercising and carrying a healthy portion of cannabis on her body has continued to appeal to the masses and generate massive income for this alluring model.


Bess Beyers is active within political, fashionista and legalization circles. Her push for biodegradable products has caused many units to sell in conjunction with her Blaise Creative digital agency. Her background in PR/Marketing has created a space for people

to become more knowledgeable and adept to the business aspects of cannabis.


Terp Crawford is the psychedelic mascot for cannabis brand, Talking Terps developed by Juice of Flatbush Zombies. Terp does not need much introduction, you can only understand his magnitude by appreciating the artwork through apparel and an organic open-minded experience.


Karen Humiston is an entrepreneur in her twenties who created a LinkedIn network for cannabis called Vangst. It has opened the doors and continued the career paths of thousands of prospective dispensary workers, cultivators, brand ambassadors and entrepreneurs.

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