Eito Drops New EP “While You Were Sleeping”

Eito Thomas (eitothomas) on PinterestMC Eito is standing strong for the Steel City – as a matter of fact he is bringing back what the Burgh needs! His most recent release, “While You Were Sleeping” travels throughout different depths and nuances of the listener’s brainwaves. It is only six tracks long but really transcends the audience upon an extraterrestrial journey.

The trajectory experienced from MC Eito is a direct reflection of his introspection. His deeply-rooted thought processes and concoctions result from countless hours poured into his craft. With or without local backing, this man will continue to shoulder through brick walls.

While You Were Sleeping EP conveys such a range of emotional quality it is incredible. In the beginning, Eito takes you back to classroom days with an instructional/motivational tape that plays upon a smooth loop and velvety background. As the crackly record rides out, the instructor imparts wisdom such as:

“Sharpen your skills”

“Attune to greatness”

 “Channel your energy into a direct attack on the problem”  

Between Track 1 and Track 2 the listener automatically receives a jolt of Lupe Fiasco kick push energy. It is understandable why the track without a title is unnamed. There is no reason to narrow it into one category or identity. Its’ lyrical prowess and intricate belligerence serves enough justice.

Eito claims there are no club records on the tape, but if there were one to really catch traction it would be Track 4, “Go Crazy.” As an upbeat, bouncy and liberating type of track, this could easily catch airplay in any function.

On Track 5 Eito pays homage to the parent letter to his moniker, Eazy E. This is a wonderful laid back in the whip, one hand on the wheel, windows down, breeze blowing, riding through the hills vibe.

To close, Eito emits an incredibly well-rounded and holistic track that fully intertwines the entire tape on Track 6.

Eito put forth quite the respectable collective and the most important to note is his commitment to Pittsburgh vibes. It is clearly discernible to hear that “Float On” flow and calm-yet-vibrant type vibe on all tracks.

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