3 AM – OKiTO

Of course you recall Okito – Mr. FlyAwayRelease, himself. As this man focuses less and less on past and moreso upon moving forward, his press run and stream of videos to go alongside his upcoming release have been impressive. 


3 AM is a bizarre yet completely relatable tale of late night activities. As they say… nothing good goes down after midnight.

The 3 AM video plays much like a Jordan Peele film in the sense that it deals with reality in an ultra realistic way. The hyperbole and hyperactivity that this video exhibits details quite the experience.

As the video gets started, Okito splashes in a new cultural reference. Instead of, “Netflix and chill” the phone shows the phrase, “Disney+ and #***”

All of the nightly escapades within this video excursion arrive full circle precisely at 3 in the morning. Whether it be in Okito’s crib, his shorty’s hotel or on a palm tree, exclusive activity is bound to occur.

The main issue being: memory starts to dwindle and moments start to blend together with this specific woman Okito chooses.

Fool me thrice, as Okito learns in the video which ends on an interesting note.

This video had hints of the Hype Williams directed film, “Belly” as Okito portrays a role much like the character, “Ox.” His Jamaican heritage shines through with strength and fortitude as he represents that within wardrobe, persona, mannerism, style and lingo. 

The leaves are falling, cool breeze is rolling and Okito will drop, “Dystopian Heart” this Autumn month on the 14th. 

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