Azazus is no stranger to viral stardom as his message drives at a deeper purpose. As a change agent, this man sets out to fight for equality and the basic comfort deserved to every human being. Reigning from Alabama and currently residing in Florida, Azazus got his first taste of radio tread on 93BLXFM. From there, his charismatic persona would take him throughout the South into Florida where he graduated from Santa Fe College and launched a music career.

Bridging the Gainesville Gap

What makes Azazus’ emergence amongst Florida up&comers so impressive relates to the lack of musical diversity in his area at the time. With a major hip-hop divide, the culture was highly underrepresented on campus. Reason being, the venues slashed the admission age to revoke access to anyone under 18. Thus, younger kids weren’t coming out so younger kids began to experiment less with music. Also, each group had its own defined space where tastes were not interchangeable & punk rockers were not receptive to new mic gracing tactics.

Running into immovable walls might discourage an artist. Not Azazus though, he continues to spear and tackle his way through any barriers. He landed several gigs at The High Rise + The Jam & broke the mold for entertainers within similar genres. What separates him & ensures consistent concert outings has to do with promotion. Many artists have solid content, style & what it takes but lack quality promotion.

Professional presentation & effective promotion laid the groundwork for landing Azazus on the Swamp Records music ticket. There, he would go on to show out at the Mask Off Halloween Rap Battle & has also appeared in consecutive trips to the Changeville festival.

This man is just getting started – keep an eye out for the substance and a bulk-up of lyrical content as metrics matter less than a lasting legacy.

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