Okito’s Dystopian Heart

MoZaic Ft. Okito

Okito is an artist who is evolving through his music. After recent heartbreak his single, “SenDatNegga” exemplifies that he is concerned with becoming the best version of self. His innovative and unpredictable Floridian sense is keen and provides untouched vocal ability. Listening to his discography generates incredible rollercoaster rides of emotion and is a truly unorthodox experience.

As a rather obscure artist, this man has emerged from the trials and tribulations that have plagued him. His musical output reflects pain, controversy, complication, contradiction and stipulations. As human beings, we are all walking contradictions in the sense that we are living for a finite amount of time. 

Compelling Home

Okito truly immerses himself into the depths and sincerity of his soul. The way that he merges and blends an old school class with a new school funk is outstanding. His deep nostalgic aura resonates deeply with an audience that is unsuspecting of such wondrous vocal range. 

His fusion and union of tunes that unite the listeners embrace in the most heightened sense of the genre. Give this artist only minutes until he is discovered as his most recent project, “Dystopian Heart” caught me off guard and gave off heavy PartyNextDoor or Weeknd vibes. 

Creating this project gave Okito the upper hand and advancement necessary to thrive. His ability to flourish derives from facing an enormous tension-cutting task head on in the best way he knew how – pouring pain into the mic. Now, he is light as the desert rising and catches incredibly bouncy and airy pockets on some “Fly Away Release” type of flows.

Only in my J’s // You Won’t Play Me

Let’s get into the meaning of the single, “SenDatNegga.” To “send” someone means to be rid of them as in “Good Riddance” or “Go Ahead” as to display an unbothered disposition. With a carefree demeanor and a terrific space to express what ails, Okito has utilized his time and presence with magnificent grace. 

He acknowledges his faults in the matter and knows that he may be stubborn but it is true that there will not be a better lover. All in all, this is a great stance to assume because you can remain humbly confident. 

This artist personifies artistry and puts forth incredible effort on every account. With an expanding range, refreshing approach, endless tranquility and boatloads of harmony Okito is someone who you must tune into. Dystopian Heart drops on September 14th.

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