Varsity Jerv has progressed steadily throughout his career. A lot of people yearn for a taste of the industry so desperately that they fail to establish themselves. This man has always given his core base what they want and grown through the music organically. Now more than ever he is on a tear after releasing Classical Tunes Volume 1 – a project spanning more than six years!

What is so greatly appreciated from an artist like this is the undying dedication to tapping into the best version of himself through the freshest most original sounds and flavors. He has so many people riding with him that have solely been put on via word of mouth. The incentive process and communication he has with his fans is brilliant in the fact that the more people that catch wind of his efforts the more music he will release and so on. Truly, the more people that see and hear causes more streams, revenue and awareness in a creative cycle.

Take a look at some of his recent tracks

Track #18


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