Orange Birthday

What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained. A lot of times fear of the unknown prevents people from taking steps to venture toward what they truly desire. It is common for many citizens to play it safe and never escape the safe confines of their comfort zone. When it comes to being orthodox, Jacob Hagedorn is far from it and sails very closely to the boundaries of his existence. 

Jacob Hagedorn goes by the name of, “Orange Birthday” and exists much like an enigma. His music takes listeners on short journeys into otherworldly dimensions. By operating upon a distant wavelength, he creates whirring and undulating musical vignettes. These trippy tunes propel listeners into a subconscious dreamlike journey where they traverse through hypnotic soundscapes. Mostly, his music functions as an escape for troubled individuals who find solace in his collections. 

Orange Sundown/Coats of Splatter/Pink Stripes

Orange Birthday utilizes golden rays of light with tropical tangerine hues as apart of his persona. Although, his uncluttered smorgasboard of sullen instruments and stark tones may come across at times as somber. His music helps people find indescribably profound cures by encouraging self-reflection and discovery of purpose. His discography emits potent frenzies of fantasy-laden adventures and ethereal meditative experiences.

By giving people only minutes to digest his material, Orange Birthday has a great deal of exigence. Many of his songs are only one or two minutes long which gives the audience short circuits of deep sounds to wade through. By doing so, these oblique synesthesias leave a ton for the mind to process, imagine and interpret. The textured, stirring and visceral tracks do not meander whatsoever and get to where they are going quickly. As the songs crescendo in the blink of an eye the artist gives the listener ample time for their minds to wander into whatever realm the song drives them to. 

From Fairview, Texas Hagedorn operates firmly in the midst of chaos. If you were to classify his music, it would be considered ambient electronica. His effortlessly ticking harmonies blend serene perspectives on different levels and piece together mixtures that exhibit endless value. Orange Birthday believes that, “Your signification is of its own description” and his music directly reflects that. He provides mystical compositions and it is up to the audience to determine how they will become discussable individual experiences. 

Luck is Bolder than Honesty

Jacob’s reflective conceptual approach to music is delivered with crucial honesty. As a customarily cryptic spectacle he emboldens his listeners by giving music that causes a spark to ignite. With his tunes, listeners gain access to tools of contemplation, inspiration and appreciation of the Earth’s foundation. The genuine inputs of exuberance offered form gentle objects and shapes in the mental structure of the musical consumer. 

What’s amazing about Orange Birthday’s blissfully lathered tones is the ability to create mind-altering encounters. The sempiternal spirals release energetic pleasure particles that widely resonate with the audience. He submits cultural crossover vibrations that mold into their own spiritual entities. Thus, the songs’ strength of simplicity create extraordinary revolutionary collisions. 

“Gnawing what lovers don’t eat, screeching what stammerers repeat.”

With brave content and devoted spirituality, Jacob “Orange Birthday” Hagedorn carries quite a foreign aura. He focuses heavily on the color Orange in his music and writing. When asked about the origin of his name he describes it as, ““All first loves have colors. She wore an orange shirt on our anniversary which was my birthday.” His blooming orange thoughts pauses all wordly commotion and utilizes tactics of imagination and adventure. Some common byproducts of his projects are euphoria, dystopia and decorative soothing. He often injects heroic doses of invisibility and individuality into his melodies.

Occupying Your Mind with Moments in Time

Memories are a major part of Hagedorn’s artistic process. He chooses to be a writer and not a speaker so that he is able to freeze moments in time. His joyous, communal circumstantial exchanges between writing and recording leave traces of complex comfort. Often times, these moments evolve into bigger stories through calm arrangements. The music flourishes with fiery effervescence. Ultimately, it exists to access the impetus of redemption and create mass mutual agreement through unity.

Orange Birthday has released eight albums since 2014. He has shown great progress in his output and has done so with tremendous pace. He has found his niche with quick hitting songs that provide short bursts of inspiration. His newest single, “5” off of A1X refrains from reverb or beats of any kind. “A1X” is his first cohesive cryptic body of work and contains 20 songs. Orange Birthday provides the samples of exquisitely transient sonic experimentation. It is up to you to decipher their meanings.

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