Wesley Walker Floats Magnificent Vocals

The brightest spirits tend to illuminate effortlessly. Wesley Walker is a man who permeates SoCal vibes as a singer/songwriter who has adopted quite the nomadic lifestyle throughout his duration. It is a truly unique type of person that sprouts from within upon exploring uncharted territories. Bouncing around from Hawaii to Oregon and California has yielded terrific results for this artist and widened his creative lane significantly. 

As a liberated individual, Walker keeps his chakras aligned with activities such as hiking, farming, jungle retreats and things of the nature. More importantly, Walker recently released a project titled “Free Your Self.” There, he graces his wide spectrum of listeners with an unheralded range of song style. One minute, he was Billy Bob Thornton and the next he started giving Cobain vibes! The transitions throughout, “Free Your Self” are absolutely wondrous. 

A driving force and contributor toward the album is a man by the name of Billy Barnett. He owns Gung Ho Studios in Eugene, OR and hosts sessions that provide peace, release, comfort and professionalism. He has a double platinum plaque to boot and an uncanny ability to understand and tap into any artist’ creative space. His enthusiasm and specialization per artist is truly unmatched. 

Society’s Hypocrisy Cannot Handle Life’s Mystery

The “Free Music” movement carries multiple meanings. Clearly, it is pure freedom and an emancipation from the depths of reality. Also, it is entirely costless on all markets. Finally, it could be taken in the same context as the “Free Weezy Album.” If you recall, Lil Wayne released this album exclusively via Tidal while trying to “free” his music from the shackles of his record imprint. It is within the same umbrella, that Wes Walk is releasing tunes to free artists from their marginalization into one genre box. He demonstrates that he is able to escape those confines with terrific tunes that are genre bending and damn near genre breaking as he does not merely occupy one.

Let it Ring Eternally

When Wesley taps into his timbre, he can really add a county fervor to the track. Within the realm of these songs, you can feel the artist discovering himself all the while longing for companionship, eventually rising above certain struggles that might plague him.

On the dreamy acoustic side, WW is a smooth character. His vocal gymnastics over groovy rhythms deliver an incredible arsenal of vintage tunes. In this mode, it is almost as if the listener experiences some sort of symmetrical auditory exfoliation. 

In all areas, Walker continuously evolves his discography by fusing multiple generations worth of sonic content. As he utilizes inner and outer influences, Wes dives into themes such as humanity, vulnerability and destiny. His transparent tracks are honest and thought-provoking. Sit back and bask in the after glow, folks.


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