LeBron James Family Foundation: A Vessel of Empowerment

Of all pageantry that is sports, basketball has always stood the test of time. The paramount appreciation for the sport is rightfully deserved recently considering the passing of Kobe Bryant (and eight others) and all that Kobe gave to the game.With that being said, LeBron James Family Foundation’s I PROMISE program serves as a vessel to empower underprivileged young men and women. The inaugural class (2011) received 4 free years of tuition and free housing/meals for 1 year. The organization plans to spearhead fundraising initiatives to cover the costs for the remaining 3 years.

The 193 students started as third graders and are now going to receive a chance to better their stance in society. They will have to complete community service requirements, maintain a work-study form of gainful employment and sustain a certain GPA.

These students are extremely gifted and will continue to achieve impressive results. Thus far, they have excelled and received resources such as mentoring, college/career preparation and family support. 

LeBron James and Kent State University formed a great relationship through summer enrichment programs and possibly the repetition of free tuition. It’s safe to say that being apart of this program enriches the longevity and stretches the potential of any individual involved. 

There is no limit to the possible endeavors these students will be able to take on. With continued blessing such as this one, you never know who might emerge from that Kent State class.

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