JIG Saw Puzzles the Masses

There’s something serenely soulful about certain types of music that just so happen to elicit emotion and heightened responses. For instance, the American ‘Ed Sheeran’ Jordan Indiana Gonzalez grips at the heart strings of his audience in an incredibly riveting manner. Jordan Indiana Gonzalez or, “JIG” for short, reigns from the St. Louis, Missouri area. He picked up his first guitar at age twelve and mastered the instrument en route to becoming a well-known acoustic icon within his genre. Although, he does a terrific job of blurring the lines of genre and stands firmly within the realms of multiple different scenarios based on multiple different aspects of musical creation.

JIG is a singer-songwriter and a burgeoning one at that. He first started recording music in his parents’ basement and truly devoted his time to the craft of becoming an independent composer. There was no such thing as, “Fake it until you make it” with this artist. Rather, he dedicated countless hours and forged valuable connections to coincide with his expressive sonic development. By staying loyal to the process, JIG did not cut any corners and took several important steps to differentiate himself. A primary step along the way included attending in the intensive jazz program at Webster University.

JIG managed to build a loyal fanbase through his outstanding voice, ability to play multiple instruments and popping up at multiple small venues in his hometown city. He immersed himself within the STL music scene by playing at open mic nights, coffee shop events and club performances. One of the places that he tended to frequent due to mass local appreciation and wonderful reception was The Wolf in Ballwin, Missouri. As a regular performer there, he met tons of influential individuals and certainly made an impact on the concertgoers that came out in droathes to soak up his amazing and eloquent output. One of the main reasons he loved starting out locally and on a small scale was due to the insane amount of raw, undiscovered talent that existed within those atmospheres.

Gist Over Gloss

Shortly after his stint in Missouri, JIG moved out to Nashville, Tennessee. There, he began to record music in his friend Wes’ home where they constructed a makeshift studio in Chattanooga. Within the studio, he pairs together outstanding blends of organic acoustic guitars, drums, keys, bass and percussion instruments. Through practice and preparation, it is evident that this man wants to hone his craft in a patient manner. Ultimately, patience is where success derives from and he carries this notion closely within his grasp. His usage of instruments such as ukuleles creates invigorating sounds that captivate the listener. That along with tantalizing synths and subtle complexities comprise many ambient feels that resonate strongly within the ears of the listener whether in person or on stereo.

JIG is smooth, inviting, stirring and makes his mark with warmth and contentment. He has a penchant for acoustics that deliver an intoxicating aroma. He is often able to belt out tunes with gusto and upbeat cadences. Clearly, he maintains effortless tenor and jazz infused balladry through his exquisitely effusive zestful sounds. Although the music is simple in nature, it is tightly knit in composition and leaves the audience struck with awe.

Permeating the Listeners’ Soul

What is very impressive about JIG is the fact that he is very straightforward by the way he lets his music speak for itself. He operates with artistic merit, rich authenticity and melodic euphoria. His tunes create an elaborate escape for the listeners and work wonders for those who appreciate his contributions to the genre. A major way which he achieves these feats is through relishing within the moment and collecting memories as trinkets of experiences. Therefore, he is able to tap into certain areas of the soul and provide emotional relief through his well-thought out and prolific music.

As a singer-songwriter, he tends to craft songs via the sing-along method. Meaning, his bodies of work typically involve infectious melodies and a catchiness that gains traction with listeners. That way, people are able to latch onto his musical endeavors and become attached with the feeling that they receive from it. There is something about the way he goes about performing and curating his music that causes people to gravitate toward him. Many would agree that he is eminently ready for radio. It is safe to say, JIG has the “it factor” that is so desperately needed within our oversaturated music market.

Much of his subject matter touches upon regret, loss and redemption. With great intensity, he pieces together lyrics that symbolize immediacy and contain engaging components all throughout. With just the right dose of sweet romantical renditions, JIG accentuates themes of reflection and sentimentality with purpose and clarity. His silky smooth tunes hold timbre, swagger and intuitive intonation. With polished intricacies, JIG most definitely produces music that is refined, crystalline pop.

Suffice to say, JIG’s abilities are genre-bending in nature. That is certainly true on his most recently, self-titled LP. On this collection, he bridges pop, punk, hip-hop, jazz and some downtempo R&B. He separates himself from other pop artists within his lane by delving into an occasional freestyle rap verse (#ThoughtfulTrapThursdays) or by wooing those who surround him (#SundaySerenades.) He is also a brand advocate for Dr. Pepper.

Jordan Indiana Gonzalez’ music is making a great impression within the Downtown Tennessee district and throughout the country. Check out his most recent LP below and sound off within the comments to let us know your sentiments!

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