Tsu Surf Suffers Injury to Lone Gunman – Continues to Recover

Rahjon Cox, better known as Tsu Surf, has survived an attempt on his life. He is out of surgery and in stable condition but his well-being is considered up in the air, at the moment. Known for being a prolific lyricist on the battle rap circuit, Cox originally got his nickname from those at the skating rink who referred to him as the ‘Silver Surfer.’ Eventually a Tsunami was put in front of it and it became shortened to the stylized version, ‘Tsu Surf.’

“The strong survive…..I appreciate everyone reaching out to me and checking on the situation. Everything is ok considering the circumstances. #InTheBunchWeTrust.” (Tsu Surf Manager DaBlocc Obama)

Reigning from Newark, NJ Tsu recently teamed up with fellow Jersey native Retchy P on his album, “After the Verdict” which speaks to the elusiveness achieved from Retch as he dodged a potential 65 year sentence for armed robbery.

Prayers up for our wavy brother, Tsu Surf! Battle back, soldier.

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