Occupying Several Lanes – Swervo x Southside New Project

G Herbo and Southside teamed up to bring us a cohesively collaborated album titled, Swervo. Their chemistry clearly resonates through this Atlanta influenced uptempo collection of songs. The album cover recreates Eric B and Rakim’s “Follow the Leader” cover thematics. This project certainly classifies as fresh and represents Herbo’s climb since his viral freestyle over Three Six Mafia’s “Who Run It” beat on Dj Bay Bay.

“Swervo is my alter-ego. It’s the opposite of G Herbo. I’m not being humble. I’m not really telling you stories or filling you in on my past because you got that already. This is more of me having fun and party records. I’m kind of dumbing it down a bit as an artist. Doing the shit that people don’t think I can do. I feel like it’s actually a very good album.”

In other news, Herbo has joined the likes of A Boogie and Dave East by signing a partnership with Luc Belaire. He is expected to make an appearance on the upcoming season of the “Self Made Tastes Better” series.

Freshest Tracks (in no particular order) ~ Focused, Letter, Bonjour

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