Holdin it Down: Lil Jon & PoP Open 2nd School in Ghana

What? Yeah! Okay!

Lil Jon has continued to impress with his philanthropic efforts and opened a second school in the Asuogyaman region of Eastern Ghana. As a wealthy entertainer, Lil Jon has decided to continue his mission of creating safe, clean and effective learning environments for the children.

The Mafi Atitekpo DA Primary School will enroll 313 children. The other school called Abomayaw D.A. Kindergarten, erected last October. Each effort was facilitated in collaboration with Pencils of Promise Organization (founded by Adam Braun brother of Scooter) The importance of these schools relies upon the facilitation of an appropriate learning environment.

Prior to its foundation, these Guyanese children would take classes underneath mango trees or in a shed. More times than not, any inclement weather condition would force the children to forfeit their attendance for the day, thus negatively impacting their growth and development.

In order to learn, flourish and gain knowledge Lil Jon donated $70K to construct the schools, one of which is dedicated to his mother Carrie Smith-Williams, who succumbed to diabetes complications in 2013.

PoP has opened over 400 new schools since its 2008 inception. In other news, Lil Jon has continued to distribute his wealth in the forms of $80,000 raised for United in Methodist Children’s Home in Atlanta and $195,000 for the American Diabetes Association. Now that’s Crunk!

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