Damon Dash vs. Lee Daniels

Damon Dash, the ever expanding businessman, single-handedly formed his career into existence through action and not taking any bullshit. So, when Lee Daniels reached out to Dash for advanced funds in the form of a loan to be repayed, he expected his respective $2M to be rightfully returned. Upon this token of good will, Daniels went on to create classic productions such as Precious (2009), The Butler, Star and Empire which have grossed a significant amount of money due to critical acclaim and high ratings. This seemingly small chunk of change jumpstarted Daniels’ career and the loan has remained outstanding for nearly a decade now.

Supposedly, Daniels has been ducking Dash due to the fact that he mishandled the investment which resulted in a sum of $5M in punitive losses. Additionally, his film Shadowboxer came in at over $10M over budget which caused another major setback. Dame has filed a $5M lawsuit against Daniels and Lee has verbally agreed to cough up the dough. We shall see how this plays out between these two cinematic collaborators.


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