KEY! x Kenny Beats – 777

The forefather of underground ATL trap music, FatManKey is extremely underrated. Often stylized simply as, “Key!” his latest album, “777” has been blasting serious vibrations since its release. With production from Kenny Beats, this album displays great atmospheric chemistry as the two artists came together to work in excellent synchrony.

The highly-anticipated, “777” displays well-rounded maturation from Key with tantalizing melodies that range from aggressive to emotional. It is quite simply unlike any other album to date and experiments with shameless topics.

Key excels outside of his comfort zone by addressing topics like troubled relationships, loneliness and the highs and lows his life brings about. Without alienating his audience, Key encompasses a wide range of emotions with strong control of balance. His energy ranges from emotional to aggressive without sacrificing any bit of grittiness along the way.

Key ensures this album spins in heavy rotation with simple lyrics and a tactile stream of consciousness approach. With prior hits like “Wrist” and A$AP collaborations like “Tropical” Key manages to create synchrony and injects energy upon every track. By cranking out quality tunes while his state of mind remained fresh, Key did not allow himself to become stagnant on this album. Together with Kenny Beats, the two collaborated smoothly to reach a new plateau in each of their respective careers.

Without a doubt, the two proved their ability to fire on all cylinders by combining conflicted, celebratory and volatile styles. They were able to unite distinct mesmerizing samples with high velocity trap drum hit bangers. Their constant, aggressive energy displays a thumping intensity and electrical bounce. With fearless strength, “777” is a prideful, mosh-worthy pack of tracks. With zero guest appearances, Key maintains a central design through a developed and fluent bunch of songs.


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